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  1. jeffconn

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Blink and you missed it! A company placed a couple of dozen electric scooters in the city last night. However, nobody in the city government knew anything about it! A company called Bird Electric Scooters is trying to rent electric scooters via an app (the same way the Pace bicycles are rented). By the afternoon, the scooters were being impounded by the city.
  2. jeffconn

    Norfolk Development 2

    Still owned by the Army, i believe.
  3. With all the news about beer, wine, cider, distilleries, etc., in Hampton Roads. I figured a catch-all thread would be a good idea. Feel free to add any news, reviews, or impressions of the HR brewery scene. New Realm Brewery opened last week in the former Green Flash Brewery location in Virginia Beach. And the crowds were as big as they were when Green Flash were there. Sly Clyde Ciderworks opened in the Phoebus area of Hampton this last Saturday. My g/f and i went there, and had a wonderful time. Good stuff for those who like cider. Will definitely go back when the newness wears off. Back Bay's Farmhouse Brewing Company is going to open on Saturday September 29th. They will be making Back Bay beers and ciders on-site in Virginia Beach.
  4. jeffconn

    New Realm Brewery

    FYI, Sly Clyde Ciderworks opened in the Phoebus area of Hampton this past Saturday. Good stuff. My palate is happy! And, Back Bay Farmhouse will hold its grand opening on September 29th.
  5. jeffconn

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    The City of Norfolk is hoping to get someone to take over the empty spots on Granby Street across from the Main. Personally, i don't think they are going to get many (if any) takers. The storefronts are under a parking garage and are set WAY far back, so much so that you don't even notice it from the road. Did anyone actually walk next to the storefronts, except when it was raining? Did anyone actually notice, or shop at, the stationery store that was there?
  6. jeffconn

    sports in norfolk

    FYI, the CIAA tournament is held a week before the MEAC, so there's no overlap. The CIAA ended on March 3rd this year, and the MEAC started up on March 5th.
  7. jeffconn

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    Looks like we will have a locally owned restaurant in the fire department building on West Little Creek Road. The city has sold the building to the owner of the Ocean View restaurant Razzo.
  8. jeffconn

    Starwood Mixed Use Proposal

    Here's an update about the mall expansion/condos/motel/"public space" being planned for the 3rd anchor spot in MacArthur Mall. By the way I couldn't find a dedicated thread for MacArthur Mall. Feel free to move this if there is a more relevant thread.
  9. jeffconn

    Neon District

    Hoping this will post here, but look at what happened to the NEON District today! By the way, this sign WILL stay up after the Greyhound building gets torn down and is replaced by the TCC classrooms!
  10. jeffconn

    Chesapeake Light Rail and Transit

    From the Pilot, Chesapeake is buying up some abandoned railroad right of way to make a trail which will, hopefully, be a part of a trail that reaches from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to downtown Suffolk.
  11. jeffconn

    Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    It doesn't need to pass the General Assembly. The Pamunkey Tribe can make their own casino on their own land tomorrow if they wish. However, with sports gambling now suddenly legal thanks to the Supreme Court, I would expect slot machines and sports gambling to be approved by the General Assembly for the Pamunkey casino and for Colonial Downs and for the Off-Track-Betting parlors. The General Assembly will see the dollars float away to Maryland and West Virginia if they don't.
  12. jeffconn

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    Could be. Looking at their website, they go up and down the East Coast from NYC to Florida with a gap between Baltimore and Charlotte.
  13. jeffconn

    sports in norfolk

    C-USA and the Sun Belt should swap members. Between the two conferences, the Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana schools in one conference. The east coast states, Alabama, and Kentucky schools in the other. C-USA is not earning enough revenue for all the travel the Monarchs have to endure. Best to go regional, and maybe actually get some close rivalries.
  14. jeffconn

    TCC Visual and Culinary Arts Center

    The Feds won't allow a pedestrian bridge that close to the Federal Building, due to security issues. Brambleton is just going to be a bigger, deadlier game of Frogger.
  15. jeffconn

    TCC Visual and Culinary Arts Center

    It's only going to be two stories, (i presume with parking) on that tiny lot? And students will have to cross the street from Hell, to get to any other campus buildings, or well, anything else. That's not exactly a step up from the Portsmouth campus, which was a pretty impressive three story building in the heart of downtown Portsmouth. Although it sounds like they will be tearing down the bus station, i was hoping they wouldn't. That is a nice historic building that just needed a facelift.