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  1. Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    How about another brewery? Elation Brewing Co. will be in the Park Place area of Colley Avenue (that area the hipsters call NoCo). It's the building across the street from University Pizza and Chow that was a storefront church for many years. There are signs up stating that there will be a brewery and a yoga studio(!) in the building, with an email address for neighbors who have questions or concerns. No web presence yet.
  2. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    One thing i keep telling people that think that the light rail has to stop at the gates is light rail can go through the base. HRT buses go onto the base every day. The bus stops, a gate guard comes on the bus and checks everyone's ID cards. If you don't have a proper ID, they politely escort you off the bus, and point you to the pass office. No reason that they can't do the same thing for light rail trains. Light rail can go down Hampton Blvd, enter the base, and head over to the piers and other populated areas of the base.
  3. Norfolk Arts District

    Some needed street repairs on the corner of Brambleton and Granby are happening, thanks to federal grant moneys. Fixing this intersection is LONG overdue. Every time i cross Brambleton on that corner, i make sure to update my will! Hopefully they will put some traffic cameras there to catch the many, many people who run red lights there.
  4. Norfolk Off-Topic

    You can redistrict things all you want. Besides the six lanes of Hell, think about what is on Brambleton. Scope, the Federal Building, the church with the humongous parking lot, that big park that nobody is supposed to use, the York Building, the Residence Marriott, the Belmont at Freemason. These don't invite people into downtown. They BLOCK off downtown. It's a huge wall, figuratively. That side of Brambleton is where downtown begins, period. Personally, i love the Greyhound building. It is rather distinctive in a mid 20th Century way. Sure it's run down a bit, but heck, we're rehabbing buildings in downtown proper that were a LOT more rundown (and tilting in a scary way besides). I still think the Greyhound building would be a great asset to the NEON district. A restaurant, a common area with a farmer's market or small businesses, or even move the d'Art gallery there. I would DEFINITELY agree that the lot behind the Greyhound building (and the gated building that's been for sale forever) should be redeveloped. There's not much hope for those spaces, as is.
  5. Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    Norfolk's population bottomed out around 2000 at 234,000 but has been rising slowly since then. The estimated pop. for 2016 was 245,000.
  6. Norfolk Off-Topic

    I doubt seriously that any tower will go there. Let's be honest here, folks. It's on the wrong side of Brambleton, and no matter how you slice it, it ain't downtown, and never will be downtown. Those 6 lanes of Hell you have to cross to get to downtown will make sure of that.That part of town has its own character, and i think that keeping the station as is is the way to go. There's already 20-30 parking spaces there, some covered. Make some sort of farmer's market or maybe another "business incubator" like they are planning for Selden Arcade. And rent out the restaurant part to some enterprising restaurateur. I do agree that the Greyhound station should be in Harbor Park, perhaps in an expansion of the Amtrak station, maybe even allow the Megabus to stop there too. Three services sharing a common seating area makes sense to me.
  7. 15th Street Pier Redevelopment

    That little carnival does bring in a lot of families. People expect stuff like that at a beach. It's something to do when you're not in the mood for just hanging out at the beach. And it sure beats more cookie cutter tourist trap shops, or just another building with the same chain stores and restaurants.
  8. Norfolk Arts District

    I've gone to the noon presentations at the Glass Studio a few times. A lot of fun, but it does get a bit crowded in there sometimes. The studio wasn't really made for a big audience. Hopefully you will still be able to get up close and personal during the demonstrations. And having gallery space so you can see the creations right there is a nice plus.
  9. Waterside District

    For Facebook, that's a low rating. A 5 star rating is pretty uninformative, for the most part. "This place is the best place EVER!" That sort of fluff. Read the actual reviews. The lower than 5 star reviews offer actual constructive criticism.
  10. Waterside District

    Waterside is NOT impressing the people on Facebook. There a TON of negative reviews, mostly talking about the hideous service, the insane prices, the parking garage situation, and lack of, well, ANYTHING family friendly. Apparently, the Market isn't handicapped friendly either. I can imagine what a nightmare that place would be for folks in wheelchairs, especially during meal times. There are very few low tables, and most of the eateries and bars seem to favor high stools.
  11. Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    Handsome Biscuit will be opening a new location on Monarch Way near ODU. The legal notice that states they are trying to get a beer license is on the building now. The location is the former home of Boardwalk Fries, Krispy Krunchy Chicken, a Chinese restaurant, and probably one or two others (I lost track). It's the location on Monarch Way where restaurant ideas go to die! Hoping they will have better luck. It looks like they are finally working on Pizza Fusion, also on Monarch Way, in the old Starbucks location. It will be one of the ODU student focussed restaurants run by Aramark, so i don't hold too much hope for it. The Den by Denny's, another new restaurant run by Aramark, has been a major disappointment.
  12. Waterside District

    My problem is that i would want somebody hired by Cogan's and trained by Cogan's to make a proper Cogan's pizza. I don't want somebody that is just an assembly line cog to make the food. If somebody works at the coffee shop on Monday, and Guy's place on Tuesday, and Luk Fu on Wednesday, he is going to be mediocre at best, and the food and service will suffer. If Cordish runs all the restaurants, then they will all be mediocre, just like all the eateries run by Aramark at ODU. No real competition breeds mediocrity. And going back a few posts, do you folks really think that Waterside 2.0 failed because there were too many options for families? Seriously? One of the last restaurants left in Waterside 2.0 was the family-friendly Joe's Crab Shack. Waterside failed because it was FRIKKING DANGEROUS to go there after dark! That reputation killed Dave and Buster's, Outback, and all the other restaurants that left Waterside before it closed. And finally, i guess i was underwhelmed because i figured a place called The Market would, you know, actually have A MARKET, and not just be a glorified food court.
  13. Waterside District

    Went there for the first time for lunch Friday afternoon. I expected more than just a food court and some bars. Seriously underwhelming. Was very surprised to see all the "Market" shirts on the employees. Looks like they want the ability to cycle the employees between each food kiosk. That isn't a good sign.
  14. Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    Went to the Main for the first time last night. This is an absolutely beautiful motel. Parking is free to go eat there, but don't lose the ticket that the machine spits out. The staff are okay with locals wandering about checking out the place, so we did. There's even a map to all the artwork that the info desk hands out. The first five floors are the only ones open to the general public (got to have a room key to get access to the upper floors, and yeah i tried). Insanely huge convention spaces on the 3rd and 4th floor. Supposedly the largest ballroom in Virginia. We went to Grain to have a few beers. Place opened at 5 pm and was packed by 7 pm, when we arrived. More than 60 beers on tap, including Norfolk's own brews Smartmouth and O'Connor, plus a very good selection of imports. Nice place, with very attentive staff, and nice comfy atmosphere. Also, it's the most casual attire place in the Main. By the way, getting to sit next to the pitfire on the front patio is dang near impossible. That's prime real estate! Things did ease up a little by 9 pm, so maybe the flashy new thing appeal is starting to wear off a little. Had a great time, but the beers are, of course, a tad more expensive than your local neighborhood bar.
  15. Norfolk Off-Topic

    Any sentence that doesn't include jailtime will be seen as him getting off scott-free. Probation is seen as a slap on the wrist, as it essentially IS a slap on the wrist. As for a permanent ban from holding office, i don't think the Virginia courts can do that. The General Assembly would have to do that, and with that lot, i''m sure they haven't banned convicted felons from holding office.