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  1. Essentially, they're just paying their players who aren't in college. In the past, they 'signed' pro players, but didn't pay them. Lower division soccer in the USA is complicated. It's a mix of amateur clubs, pro clubs, and minor-league feeder teams to MLS clubs.
  2. That would be the DEMOLISHED American Cigar Factory building. Too little, too late.
  3. Muddy Paws has already expanded. There's a fenced-in doggy playground behind the store on what used to be gas station property. And they've added another store entrance facing the station property. Muddy Paws has also been repairing the lights in the old gas station canopy. Maybe they are planning to add more evening hours.
  4. That means two departures 6:15 and 9 am Mon through Fri, and two arrivals: 7 pm (90 minutes earlier than now) and 10:30 pm. Also, there's a new 11:40 pm arrival time on Saturday nights. Here's a slideshow that explains it in easy to understand form. http://drpt.virginia.gov/media/2687/hr-optimization-1102019-w-weekends.pdf
  5. There was supposed to be a shopping center in Lambert's Point, next to the railroad tracks, but that seems to have just stopped cold.
  6. The Pamunkey casino doesn't need General Assembly approval. It will get built. The GA approval means that it will get built faster, and with more games. And two casinos in Hampton Roads would be a good thing. One lone casino means a "take it or leave it" experience. Two or more means competition for customers' dollars. And personally, i look forward to the ferry from casino to casino. That will be a fun ride.
  7. Some more random news. Rumor has it that Reaver Beach will open up a tasting room in the former Milan Station Post Office on Colley Avenue in Norfolk. Bold Mariner just announced that they will be moving ALL beer production to their new Ocean View location, which is due to open later this year. Both the Lambert's Point and OV location will stay open while they add a building at OV for their beer production equipment. https://www.facebook.com/BoldMariner/photos/a.673996772689390/2085529084869478/ Elation Brewing in Norfolk is on hold now. Due to the federal government shutdown, they cannot get final approval to open their brewery. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/hampton-roads-breweries-latest-group-to-be-impacted-by-government-shutdown/1705051431
  8. Where would this go? The site of the old school? 38th Street doesn't exactly have a lot of open lots.
  9. Biloxi, Mississippi has EIGHT casinos. And that doesn't count the casinos in New Orleans and the other cities on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. If anything, competition has made for a better experience for casino visitors. More freebies, more discounts, free events for the whole family. I lost track of all the discounted buffets and lunch specials that i went to when i was stationed in Gulfport. One casino means a "take it or leave it" experience.
  10. The Portsmouth casino needs General Assembly approval. The Pamunkey casino does not.
  11. Blink and you missed it! A company placed a couple of dozen electric scooters in the city last night. However, nobody in the city government knew anything about it! A company called Bird Electric Scooters is trying to rent electric scooters via an app (the same way the Pace bicycles are rented). By the afternoon, the scooters were being impounded by the city. https://pilotonline.com/news/local/transportation/article_4f1fe5f8-ab90-11e8-935f-5bbeed67b7a1.html
  12. With all the news about beer, wine, cider, distilleries, etc., in Hampton Roads. I figured a catch-all thread would be a good idea. Feel free to add any news, reviews, or impressions of the HR brewery scene. New Realm Brewery opened last week in the former Green Flash Brewery location in Virginia Beach. And the crowds were as big as they were when Green Flash were there. Sly Clyde Ciderworks opened in the Phoebus area of Hampton this last Saturday. My g/f and i went there, and had a wonderful time. Good stuff for those who like cider. Will definitely go back when the newness wears off. Back Bay's Farmhouse Brewing Company is going to open on Saturday September 29th. They will be making Back Bay beers and ciders on-site in Virginia Beach.
  13. FYI, Sly Clyde Ciderworks opened in the Phoebus area of Hampton this past Saturday. Good stuff. My palate is happy! And, Back Bay Farmhouse will hold its grand opening on September 29th.
  14. The City of Norfolk is hoping to get someone to take over the empty spots on Granby Street across from the Main. https://pilotonline.com/business/real-estate/article_2c3d1de4-a4c9-11e8-a76f-ffb508bc0be2.html Personally, i don't think they are going to get many (if any) takers. The storefronts are under a parking garage and are set WAY far back, so much so that you don't even notice it from the road. Did anyone actually walk next to the storefronts, except when it was raining? Did anyone actually notice, or shop at, the stationery store that was there?
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