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  1. Shoot!!! I’m applying for a job for 120k!!!! I hope I am one of the people
  2. I agree with this statement, apparently all new skyscrapers in Orlando are too massive.
  3. Would people prefer Lake Nona to stay agricultural with vacant land and cows?! It shows Central Florida is growing…. Just saying lol
  4. No demo permit should’ve been issued without a building permit to go vertical Period!!
  5. Delayed for the last 6 years..... The pandemic don’t have anything to do with this.
  6. You would think they would’ve extended the park, but apparently it is proposed for future development according to the Creative Village website . I would like to see the park extended or perhaps a museum.
  7. I’m surprise this is actually getting built. Alex don’t know how to get things done....
  8. Is Skyplex finally coming to Orlando, with Lionsgate branding? https://attractionsmagazine.com/rumor-queue-skyplex-finally-coming-orlando-lionsgate-branding/
  9. Tearing the stadium down and building a brand new stadium (Allegiant Stadium, Sofi Stadium, Mercedes Benz)?
  10. I’m sorry, but the design of this building is horrible......
  11. This was actually one of the nicer proposed buildings in Downtown Orlando.
  12. Our architecture is getting worst!!!! The buildings are wide for no reason....
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