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  1. Our architecture is getting worst!!!! The buildings are wide for no reason....
  2. Amazing designs!!!!! We need these architects over in Creative Village
  3. I was there last weekend and the rides are going near Uncle Julio’s.
  4. Wait a minute..... is this actually proposed in Orlando????? This is too good to be true!!!!
  5. tc01

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    Lol!!!!!!!! Seems like we can never get a normal stadium name.
  6. tc01

    Creative Village

    Why don’t they implement more creative art designs or unique light fixtures?
  7. Well construction cost will be higher and you never know how the economy will be. Just build it and stop wasting time...
  8. Why all the proposed building look alike?
  9. Why are all these buildings looking exactly the same????
  10. I would not look much into the height of the building, but rather the creativity and the amount of design details in a building.
  11. Compared to a Billion Dollar Stadium!!! I would think so.......
  12. I hope this is not another kids/family attraction, we have to many rides catered to families already. I wish we could have more thrill base attractions. Lets bring a DC Universe theme park here!!!! Unfortunately, that won't happen........
  13. Is anyone aware of the old apartments across the street from the new Pendana at West Lakes apartments currently being torn down?
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