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  1. Still no news on which theater chain this will be?
  2. Anyone know what is being built on Woodruff Road next to QuikTrip (across from Walmart)?
  3. I love how the CCF spokesman can't confirm anything without a lease, but they have a building permit? Whatever. At least it looks "official" now. Hopefully be done by my birthday in February (not likely) -- just for the cheesecake. Their food is just...okay.
  4. Has there been official confirmation yet on this? It's baffling how it's been rumored to go in that spot for what, like a year? Yet, to my knowledge nothing has been announced. I know there's CCF haters here, but I would think Simon Malls and/or the city of Greenville itself would be crowing about it.
  5. Sad to see that Toby Keith's bailed out, but reading that article, it certainly doesn't sound like it would have been a good thing. Lawsuits and unpaid taxes? Down from 14 to 6 locations? Yeah, that doesn't sound good for the business as a whole. I'm surprised there were a few new locations coming, but maybe those are in states where they haven't caused trouble yet. LOL. I kind of wish that this is where the Cheesecake Factory would go instead of at Haywood Mall. And, yes, I know there's CF haters here, but it just seems like it would fit in better as a "destination" restaurant in a zone that's more geared toward dining and entertainment.
  6. awp69

    The Rumor Mill

    Honestly, I've always been shocked at the lack of Denny's in the Greenville area. I mean the only one I know of is the one on Wade Hampton and I'm not even sure it's still there. Not saying we're missing much but a thriving economic area 30 miles from their headquarters and don't have a presence? Just always was weird to me. IHOP does well enough on Woodruff Road.
  7. Still hoping for Cheesecake Factory as well. I had no idea it was going to take this long for Panera to break ground. But see the groundwork has been laid and fences up marking the area so construction should begin any day. If the Cheesecake Factory is coming, I'm surprised they didn't seek out a different location. I think the rumor with Panera has been well over a year and maybe going on two years. Another rumor was that they would take the Pier One location, but obviously that's not happening. I guess with the space next to Panera being blocked out there's still hope that it is indeed coming there. Honestly, the space where Cheeseburgers in Paradise and the now also defunct Grill 33 were would have been a great spot. Cheesecake Factory has a big enough reputation that it would have really have jump started that strip mall. I really have my doubts as to how well Conn's and Gabe's are doing -- particularly Conn's in the oversaturated electronics/appliance/furniture market. Then again, I also don't see how HH Gregg stays in business either. Anytime I've been there, it's dead.
  8. awp69

    The Rumor Mill

    So there was a rumor that the Cheesecake Factory had gotten a construction permit to build a restaurant at the current Panera Bread location in Haywood Mall. Panera would move outside of the mall. Is this still happening? I have heard anything new on it and last time I was there Panera was alive and well. While every other business has failed at the last location of Grille 33, Cheeseburger in Paradise, etc., that spot seems like it would be an available and promising location for the Cheesecake Factory. I'm sure it would thrive compared to the past tenants.
  9. Geez. Sorry I went down the "redneck" path. I don't consider even Cabela's to be redneck. And the other places mentioned also aren't either. Guess my feeling was just that the gun range (yes, even if it has a store) feels out of place with what's being built around it. And while I know plenty of non-rednecks that love to shoot guns (my father-in-law included), I just don't think it gives a good first impression of Greenville. Yes, downtown is what really should impress people about G'ville. But the main exit for people to stop off to get a bite to eat, go to a hotel or even just do some regional shopping and one of the huge signs on Woodruff Road is for a gun range, I don't know, it just isn't what I would want the area to be remembered for -- and since it is out of place, IMO, it is something that may be remembered.
  10. I understand the need for hospitals to advertise but doesn't it almost seem like a slap in the face to have people complain about rising health care costs and here's nearly half a million dollars being spent just to have their name on a building? Surprised that companies like Michelin and BMW that are so associated with the area didn't bid on it.
  11. Alright, alright. Sorry if I offended anyone. There are probably more guns per capita in NYC LOL. Guess it seemed a little out of place is all in relation to the retail/restaurant development going on around it.
  12. It almost seems like more effort was put into pulling shows for Charter Ampitheater (since it's also under the same management) this year -- The Black Keys, Kiss, Mumford & Sons. Mumford in particular was a huge win for Greenville -- and sold out so it bodes well for the future (at least for the Ampitheater).
  13. Looking at the plan, I'm not seeing that anywhere that it mentions Dave and Busters being next to the parking garage. The first sentence mentions that the original proposal included the parking garage and D&B next to the movie theater. But now it says the latest version has the parking garage and "a new building" behind the theater. It doesn't specify D&B. I hope that doesn't mean D&B is gone from the plans. That was probably the only thing I was really looking forward to having around here. Of course, I wouldn't mind if they built it elsewhere, but I hope it hasn't been scrapped completely from the D&B's plans for Greenville. Honestly would have rather have had a more full-fledged D&B in the old Gattitown space rather than a freakin' shooting range (how redneck does that make Greenville look?).
  14. Haven't been over to these threads in a while, but how is that possible? Have they even started building it yet? I thought it was supposed to near Hollywood 20 on the side towards the strip with Bed, Bath & Beyond,etc. I don't remember seeing any construction going on in that area of MP when I was there just last weekend.
  15. Despite whether the project turned out to be a "Town Center" or not, Greenville officials bear the brunt of criticism for screwing the pooch on Woodruff Road. Traffic still would have been an issue even if the original plans had moved forward. I know Woodruff Road is the "hot" place to be for retailers (even if Menin struggled to get this project rolling). But I just can't see how traffic couldn't have been a big concern before allowing this project to move forward in the first place. And IMO, it's too late to do anything about it. Any project to do anything to widen or do some other traffic management along Woodruff Road would be an absolute nightmare. The city has made some good decisions about downtown and extending rejuvenation efforts into the West End, etc. -- even the proposals to give some new life to the Haywood area. Seems like the slow-burning projects on Verdae haven't really taken off. But the lack of forethought in regards to Magnolia and even Greenridge (God, that one entrance idea must have came from a mad man), is just sad. BTW, just another thought, does anyone know how Ruth's Chris Steakhouse is doing? Menin dropped the ball on getting them for Magnolia Park, but I'm not sure they're doing so well being attached to a hotel and, generally speaking, off the map compared to other restaurants in the area. If they aren't doing well, I'm not sure if they'd be willing to put more money in to relocate to Magnolia or not. It would just be a hit to lose a higher end restaurant all together due to the timing of this project.
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