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  1. Grimsley's building a new gym or something, and the construction area is right where the fireworks would've been.
  2. Five Guys is freaking awesome. The only burger place I rate above them is In & Out.
  3. Greensboro needs something to cater to those seeking quality Chinese food. I was actually sad to see Imperial Gourmet go.
  4. dkst0426


    Looks like it'll be teenager Joey Logano (who has been really impressive in the Nationwide series so far) will take over the #20. Heard that Mark Martin is coming over to Hendrick next year, too. That one kinda surprises me, as I never really saw Casey Mears leaving, but Mears has been really underachieving.
  5. Don't forget that the hotels along High Point Road off old-40 are a stone's throw away from the Koury Convention Center and Four Seasons. Didn't Howard Johnson's close and then a new hotel (name escapes me right now) sprang up in its place. Likewise, the hotels on Wendover are still close enough to retail and the airport. And then there's the number of regional sports tournaments for children/teenagers that are held in Greensboro. Those businesses will be ok, I think.
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    Great finish last night. Figures "the Big One" wasn't really that big, but it was enough to cut short the green-white finish. I was amazed that there wasn't a bigger pileup right before that coming out of the turn, though, as more than a couple of cars were loose and shimmied up and down the track running 3-wide. I hate to admit it, but Kyle's definitely showing his chops as a great driver.
  7. If you like Dim Sum, be sure to swing by Hong Kong in Durham, off Guess Road. If you take the Guess Road exit off 85 (northbound), turn left, go back under the interstate, and it's a couple of intersections up on your left. Standalone building, looks like a house. You can order dim sum off the menu during the week, and on the weekends, it'll be on carts with a couple of extra weekend-only items. We've ordered off their menu a couple of times as well. Very good noodles. Probably the best dim sum I've had in this part of the country, to be honest. Definitely better than Neo-China in Cary. Oh, and if you go on weekends, get there early! They start serving dim sum at 11:00, and parking is very limited. Price-wise, it's not cheap (wife and I average a check of between $25-$35 each time, but we always have a good-sized doggy bag whenever we leave), but it's very reasonable.
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