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  1. Any Pic updates on the Vue?
  2. Eastman - I hear ya on the grider and panel playset!! So 42 floors what is total livable floors 50 -51?? and the mechanical floors? another 3??
  3. I've always like this building and thought it could compliment the existing buildings in Charlotte Mod. Edit. I replaced your picture that wouldn't load with a different one of the same building.
  4. I hear ya Mobucho but trust me...I would not have received this email if things were not back on track. I will put it like this if you own a hamburger stand and you order hamburger meat it stands to reason you will be making hamburgers.
  5. Good News. Received an email today stating that construction should resume within the next week or so. Looks like the Park will be finished after all. FYI - This email was from a very reliable source whom I shall not identify
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