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  1. Financing for the new law school was given final approval by the USC Board of Trustees. Construction should begin in the summer of 2014 and should be ready for the students by the fall semester of 2016. http://news.scschooloflaw.org/2013/03/01/usc-board-of-trustees-approves-financing-for-new-building/
  2. The State confirmed tonight that Urban Outfitters is opening on Gervais St. this summer. Great news for Columbia and a real coup for the Vista!
  3. I just searched on Twitter and saw one random, unofficial source saying an Urban Outfitters had been "confirmed" for downtown Columbia. I don't trust this, at least not yet, but there sure is a good amount of smoke indicating a possible fire.
  4. I would be shocked if the Columbia-Charlotte train gets any traction in the next ten years, and it likely will be much longer than that. The Republican Party in Washington and Columbia are intransigent in their opposition to mass transit, particularly trains, and I have heard no mention of funding for this project in the upcoming 1% sales tax referendum. Considering today's political realities, making progress on any railways in the Southeast will be an uphill battle to say the least, and I think that battle would be better suited for more high profile routes, such as Charlotte-Atlanta. Put
  5. I've learned to be guarded in my excitement about rumors such as this, but if it is true, Columbia's efforts to revitalize Main Street would be a resounding, unquestionable success. If Urban Outfitters comes to pass, this would be a coup for Columbia of unprecedented proportions. If the chatter about Urban Outfitters is true, it would not be beyond the realm of possibility for an Apple Store to follow (here we go again, I know). As readers of this board know, speculation about a Columbia Apple Store and rumors of Apple looking for space here have been ongoing for years. Columbia is long ove
  6. The absolute last thing Columbia needs is increased road capacity downtown, particularly a freeway. Like CarolinaCrown suggested, the era of major freeway construction in urban centers is (or at least should be) over. I also think this topic is appropriate in the CanalSide forum because if a freeway slices through downtown, CanalSide would become a wasteland. The type of people attracted to CanalSide are not going to want a noisy, polluting freeway in their front yard. In fact, few people who have an option would choose that.
  7. Columbia's Abercrombie & Fitch was still open as of Saturday, January 14, 2012, and did not appear to be emptying out as a result of a liquidation sale. A check of the A&F website on January 16 also lists the Columbiana Centre location as still open. Perhaps the rumors weren't true after all and Columbiana's A&F was spared?
  8. Thank you. I wasn't trying to question you, I'm just curious where the information is coming from. It isn't surprising that A&F keeps this info rather quiet. On the upside, A&F's space at Columbiana would be a great location for an Apple Store. (Sorry to open that can of worms...)
  9. I have yet to see a definitive list of A&F stores to be shuttered. Does someone have a link or is this all still hearsay at this point?
  10. How do you know this? Do you work there? It seems very odd that a city of Columbia's size and with a large student population would lose A&F. I hope this isn't true, or, at the very least, they are going to move locations instead of abandoning the market altogether.
  11. Is there a link to the source re: the closing of A&F at Columbiana Centre?
  12. There is a City of Columbia sign in the window of the Game Stop at Santee & Blossom listing the property as up for re-zoning to be used as a restaurant. Does anyone know what it could be?
  13. Considering the small margin of defeat for the transit sales tax, I hope the pro-transit plan tries again for the full 1% tax to fund the range of road, bus, and pedestrian/bike improvements. The pro-transit supporters did not do a sufficient job selling the tax. Not enough was done to explain the benefits and impact of the planned projects. For example, the Congaree River Parkway would open up an entirely new corridor in downtown Columbia for development, complementing the mid- to long-term plans for Innovista and the landmark riverfront park. Also, if people understood what the "improved" bu
  14. There is a pre-streetscape version of the North Main St. picture on Columbia's Wikipedia page. I hope waccamatt replaces that photo with his post-streetscape shot!
  15. Thirty or forty percent of video poker proceeds to transit? No way that would ever happen. To be politically feasible at all, legislators would have to sell video poker as being for education (see: the lottery) or, possible but much less likely, health care or some other big tent idea. Even if we assume video poker would go to transit, let's be honest and realize, in this state and most other states, that money would be spent on roads, not rail. Even the transit-specific tax initiative in Richland County only dedicates 33% to mass transit (and that means buses, not rail - at least at this poin
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