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    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    I think Downtown is VERY heavy on the bar scene. Also, I'm sure plenty of other people have noted that its heavy on chain restaurants and plastic experiences in general. The Epicentre seems like a caricature of what Uptown Charlotte is all about. I think that Charlotte is going to see a major exodus of young, intelligent, creative people in the next several years because of places like this. Over the last few years I have met a lot of young people who hate Charlotte's meat market bars and chain restaurants, but have been trapped here because they were lured in by a high-paying job at one of the banks. Now that the banks will be eliminating jobs, I think these people will choose to go live somewhere that they actually like.
  2. Sportster

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    I disagree. Honestly, I think it looks pretty trashy. Just like the last post said, it looks like a cruise ship, or some kind of Disney re-creation of a European street. I think it is perfect for the crowd that gets wasted there every night. A round of Jager Bombs to toast the brilliant Epicentre!
  3. Sportster

    EpiCentre Retail

    How are the bars/clubs at the Epicentre doing? Are they still packed? Everyone knows well how the new cool bar does great business in Charlotte until people get tired of it. I wonder if this project is especially vulnerable to vacancy because it has several nightclubs- ie- if one went dark, they would all go dark...? I would have to guess that any popularity they enjoy is mainly because they are new. I thought Whisky River was pretty lame- Cosmos meets Buckhead...
  4. Sportster

    EpiCentre Retail

    Has anyone noticed if the bars in the epicentre and elsewhere in Uptown have slowed down considerably over the last couple weeks? I wonder what percentage of their customers are Wachovia employees who have little to celebrate? I suppose it might be difficult to tell if it is all from the financial crisis with gas being a factor as well.
  5. Sportster

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    What do you guys think about the higher end condo building that is supposed to be delivered late this year? It seems like the prices in the low-end building are much more reasonable. Im not sure, but it sounds like the prices are in the $450-$500 psf range. $500 is awfully high, and its not in Uptown! It looks like a great project, but I just cant imagine how you could resell the unit for more than $500 when it is time to leave. Thoughts?