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  1. Rocktucket is back and new for 2010. An all-day festival of music, art and food with some surprises in the mix, including Big Nazo for the kids! Come on down to check out the bands, grab a beer at the tent (brought to you by Narragansett, Harpoon, and Trinity Brewhouse), browse music memorbilia at the Treasure Hunt, or grab some food from one of the local vendors along the street. It's a block party for everyone who loves a good time! * Parts and Labor (NYC) * Wild Yaks (NYC) * Olneyville Sound System (PVD) * Chachi (PWT) * Poorly Drawn People (PVD) * Big Rush
  2. Events in Pawtucket!! First, Rocktucket is tomorrow, Sept 25, 2010. Please come down and enjoy music in the City as we shut down Main Street and have a Foo-Fest style good time all day, from 2pm to 11pm. Bands and food and suds abound... http://livepawtucket.com/events/calendar/2010/09/25/258 And... for those of you who want to know what is going on in the Bucket, please bookmark LivePawtucket.com, which is trying to be a rather comprehensive calendar of events for the City. Thanks all.
  3. Yes Spanky, I know RSS... I meant a boiled down version of the topics here, not every little post and inside joke or smarmy comment. That stuff is fine, but when i want the news, i guess I want the news. GCPVD is growing on me... not as much info as i would like, but I know many of the posters and I know they are working on talking about more.
  4. I'd like to throw my history-geek hat into the ring... 16 before and after shots of Downtown Providence from 1976. Enjoy! www.artinruins.com/arch/?id=streetscape&pr=downtown1976
  5. I noticed this when I was perusing Brady Sullivan's site for Slater Cotton... they had a post for something called "Grant's Mill" and sure enough it is the mill on Carpenter Street on the West Side (my page about it). Not sure how long they have had this on the drawing board (judging by the site, it is barely fleshed out) but this company finished Slater Cotton in a down economy when we all thought it would stall. Who knows if they will move forward with Grant's.
  6. I wish, Cotuit. Sadly, I just have been holed up in Pawtucket, doing my thing, trying to get people to pay me. Here's an idea, which is more work for {someone}. But, it would be nice, since I don't have much time to monitor all these forums these days, to get some sort of compilation of the hot topics and conversations going on. Does the UP platform have something that would make it easy to do and maintain? A lot of forum topics get cluttered with inside jokes and asides
  7. Hey UP'res You all are in the know, so to speak, about projects in and around PVD. I need help keeping up with everything going on, construction and renovation wise. If you like taking photos, think about becomming part of my street team of photographers who can help keep ArtInRuins up-to-date. Visit ArtInRuins if you don't know what I am talking about, and start emailing photos to [email protected] All submissions get proper credit and appear on the site at 510 x 383 pixels. j
  8. *sigh* Like many things that are funny in this state, I'd like to rant about something right now. I have put in numerous bids for various things that come across my desk, some I get, some I dont. A state/city contract, though, I never ever ever get. You know why? They go to the lowest bidder by default... no matter the qualifications or portfolio of the applicant. So the city gets crap. Case in point: www.film.ri.gov Lost this one to the lowest bidder... you think Hollywood takes this seriously? I also applied for and lost (2 yrs in a row) for the Pawtucket Arts Festival website, a
  9. The POAM guys closed shop and I am not sure if they reopened somewhere else. The barber shop moved, and a few of the other tenants found space elsewhere. As far as the Elks building, I am interested too. There is a PADS meeting (Pawtucket *something* Downtown *something*) coming up on the 14th at the Blackstone Valley Visitiors center that I will be attending, so maybe I can find the people in the know. I'll also try to remember what that acronym means.
  10. It IS one store... sort of. It is a BJ's Club distribution center... massive, like 18 acres or something. There was a story on it in the Valley Breeze, not sure if they have it online yet or not.
  11. It's been way too long since I've lurked and commented on the goings-on here on the board... what can I say, been busy and I dont have internet at home anymore. It's a wonder I can still survive. Anyway, here's one of the projects I have been working on... maybe there are some people here who might like to rent space in a concept like this: The Grant: A Collaborative Design and Retail Space The Grant will be redeveloped as a mixed-use business incubator for design and arts-related businesses. The Grant will be a place where small business owners can collaborate, share resources and k
  12. Here's a cool idea for Providence's burgeoning waterfront: CHICAGO (Reuters) Friends of the Chicago River, an environmental group, cut the ribbon on Saturday on the city's first "fish hotel," off the Michigan Avenue bridge at the south end of the city's Magnificent Mile shopping district. The hotel is actually a series of small gardens -- some floating and others submerged -- densely planted with wetland vegetation that should be more inviting to urban fish species than the river's bare, steel walls. Some 18 species, including green sunfish and largemouth bass, which live in the Ch
  13. Here's some more: Mahesh Shantaram's world I hosted this guy briefly over the weekend as he is an aspiring photographer and he wanted to see Providence. Nice to see the city through some virgin eyes... he liked it for the most part, and was able to stop in to the Roller Derby as well. Go back to the rest of his photos and Providence finds good company with Dubai, Jordan, Yemen and Istanbul. oh yeah- and there are some photos in there of my apartment.
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