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  1. Joe Hoopers has a sign for new management and a new team. Also looks like a new menu rolling out with it. Is it struggling to do well?
  2. News article today mentioning Loco Lime is closing it's doors. http://www.wcnc.com/news/neighborhood-news/Loco-Lime-shuts-doors-for-good-241488851.html
  3. Looks like a lot of land without any foundation. What is the entire back 2/3 of the property going to be used for?
  4. Any update on this development? How far back will it go? will it take over where Metro Graphics is located? what about the shops where the upholstey business and croas fit are located? Also any official name for the apartments going where Cast was?
  5. New signs up at Harkey tile/Ford tire building. Pint central and Salon Twelve 26.
  6. Signage is up for Joe Hooper's Beverage and Sandwich Exchange. Anyone know when this will open up? Looks like it could be a good spot.
  7. Midwood Smokehouse is opening to the public on Saturday. They have been working hard for the past month to get this place ready. They have installed an open air smoker. Definitely seems like this place will have better luck than Cafe Central/Central Bar and Restaurant.
  8. I noticed the name was scraped off the door and the glowing sign is no longer shining. Any update on what is going in this space?
  9. I drive past Central Bar and Restaurant everyday and it has not been open in over a week. Their website does not say anything though. Hopefully something will go in there and do well. Definitely a great rooftop view.
  10. Anyone notice that Common House closed? The sign indicated that a different restaurant will be opening up in the space. Anyone have any additional information about this? I was surprised to see that this restaurant closed.
  11. I noticed there is a new sign atop the former Luxe building that says "Bistro Le Bon". I haven't found anything online about it, but there is definite work going on there.
  12. I drove by today and noticed the Luxe sign was down and a "For Lease" sign was up. Checked their website and it appears they have moved to NoDa. Seems like they spent a good amount of money and bailed.
  13. New sign up at the 1401 complex on central. Central Cafe and Bar appears to be going in on the bottom floor. The upstairs is still just a wide open space with carpet. Does anyone know anything about this? Also noticed the street sign went up for Twenty-two.
  14. I noticed a new sign on the bottom floor of soul. It said: Twenty Two Art, booze, eat, schmooze. Any one know anything more about this place?
  15. I noticed the Soul sign went on the outside of the building on the corner of Central and Pecan. I drove past last night and you could see that they were doing quite a bit of work on the inside. I am not sure how much work is being performed on the bottom part, which i believe is a wine bar, but the upstairs seems to be progressing nicely.
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