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  1. USC flag flying on the State House -courtesy of WISTV Sky Cam
  2. It's been reported that the USC flag will be flown over the State House tomorrow. Anyone going to be downtown to snap some photos?
  3. ^^ Very nice! Where is this?
  4. My family and I were a part of that record breaking attendance, crazy time but the weather was great. I am proud of our Zoo for drawing such a crowd but I must say the numbers don't show the entire picture. We used our membership to gain entry. I am sure many others that were there are also members. I also witnessed a few people in line with us that had some free passes. It would be interesting if the zoo broke down those attendance levels. I doubt they would do that since they are using that to their advantage to be able to have the bond issue. I agree that the zoo needs the improvements they have mentioned recently, just not sure the best way the funds should be raised. There is also quite a different cost and age factor in comparing Carowinds to the zoo, however it is nice to have a destination here in Columbia that can post these impressive numbers.
  5. Have to revisit the issue of Mediterranean restaurants we had a while back. I by far have a new favorite! Tabouli restaurant on Devine street next to Za's where Saffron used to be. This place is superior to all the rest in my opinion. Everything is cooked perfect and they do have a lunch menu! Great staff and owners!
  6. That is great news. Those upgrades will be great additions to the zoo. The changes above do not even take into account the new kangaroo exhibit (under construction now) to open in 2010.
  7. Mast General Store in talks to move into old Lourie's building. Wistv news
  8. Taken from the WIS news report:
  9. A visual of the new chick-fil-a. WIS-TV
  10. Links are not working for me. Just add the pics to the message.
  11. I was in Charlotte and Raleigh the past two weekends. Never heard any ads but did see the Billboards on I-95 and maybe I-20.
  12. scnative


    Although I like where the Business school is now, it was very easy to get to when I attended, I like the idea of a new facility and in the heart of Innovista. With the Horizon II construction starting soon and the new business school next year the plans for the Foundation Square will become a reality. I think the decision to move the business school along with the changing of the economy is what will be needed for the plan to take shape a little faster than it has so far. I hope to see a long list of companies ready to move to SC from around the country and the world. We need more high paying jobs to move Columbia to the next level.
  13. That's right...sidewalks go from I-126 south on both sides down until Senate St. For some reason they were removed or just not present in front of Springhill Suites. As I stated before...if the complete Innovista plan takes place sidewalks would be continued from Senate to Blossom.
  14. scnative


    Can you please provide the source to this news?
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