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  1. They were never a big destination. I work a skywalk-hop away, and I think I was there once or twice. With all of the other options, it never was foremost in my (or anyone else's) mind.
  2. Yep; they're done. They just sold the one good thing they had left (though Craftsman's image has become quite tarnished over the past decade).
  3. Given (I'm assuming) that they bought the building because it was cheap, it seems to me that they would be more than happy to relocate if the price is right. It's not like the location would matter to them.
  4. Yeah, I agree with your assessment of 60th and Division. Though, anecdotally, we've seen home prices in our Garfield Park neighborhood jump 20-40% over the past few years, and the nicer houses are certainly drawing those sorts of demographics. Not sure how much of that can be attributed to the SL, though.
  5. While I don't disagree that the activity around the homeless shelters is stifling growth in the area, I don't see Heartside as benefiting much from the Silver Line (which doesn't even go past the homeless shelters—it jogs over to Jefferson at Wealthy). The biggest potential is further south down the corridor. In Burton Heights, we are seeing investment—a few storefronts have seen major renovations, and some new businesses have popped up. Last I heard, LINC is still planning a major housing development at 100 Burton, and it wouldn't surprise me if we hear an official announcement from Rockford Construction regarding their (already leaked) plans for the Cottage Grove & Madison area. Paradoxically, I think that investment is being slowed because of the promise of development. There are quite a few underutilized properties that are being held by tightfisted investors—including Azzar—holding out for higher returns. I think that everyone is waiting for their neighbor to invest in their property, so that property values rise. There is a perverse incentive that rewards delaying investment. Also, keep in mind that the Silver Line has only been operating for two years.
  6. Maybe it'd be great for looking at a choir. Not so much for hearing one (or singing in one). You'd need a shell of some sort to make acoustics at all workable. I've never seen that amphitheater in use; will not be sad to see it gone.
  7. My guess is that they're leaving the lots separate to prevent people from cutting through. I do hope that that lot is re-purposed in the future.
  8. Huh. I thought it was yesterday too, but I bailed because of other commitments. Now I get to bail today, too! Apologies for being lame.
  9. I agree that it looks like it would be an improvement. What would that mean for the Silver Line station (south/outbound)? It's hard to tell from the drawing (since the station is out of frame), but would it need to be moved?
  10. Potential expansion sites:
  11. Looks like GRBJ will have a reporter there Tweeting:
  12. So... you'd be fine with eliminating minimum parking requirements... as long as there are minimum parking requirements?
  13. There's no taste in accounting.
  14. I'll be there!