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  1. When Spectrum moved into 25 Ottawa, leadership talked a lot about using downtown to attract new talent, especially tech workers. If someone is considering moving to Grand Rapids, a downtown office might appeal more to them than a suburban one. There are a lot of generalizations and stereotypes that go into this, making assumptions that tech workers on average are younger, less likely to have kids, and more interested in a "trendy" lifestyle. But there's also a calculation that you're competing with other markets, such as Ann Arbor, Chicago, and even NYC and Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, most employers here haven't caught up to those cities in terms of compensation (not even to A2 or Chicago), but they at least try to provide a slice of the urban lifestyle of those other locales. I don't think you're going to convince any business to pack up their suburban office and plop it downtown. However, if a business is reorganizing or making a major expansion (both of which were true in the case of Spectrum and 25 Ottawa), you might entice them downtown by convincing them that it will help with recruitment. But that only works for industries, such as tech, that struggle to recruit locally—and GR, despite its economic progress, simply doesn't have many big businesses—urban or suburban—that fit that mold.
  2. organsnyder

    Burton Heights

    Just the tower remains.
  3. organsnyder

    Burton Heights

    That would make sense; they have been spraying water during much of the demolition, which I assume is for asbestos control. Though now that they have the shingles removed, I'm not sure why they lopped off the addition so neatly (the shingles were removed a few days before the addition demo was finished). Perhaps they want to keep the waste streams separate, if they're salvaging the bricks. Or maybe the demolition methods differ based on the differing structures. The initial plans for this property (back when Dwelling Place was doing it) involved reusing the original church building and converting it into apartments/common areas. Somewhere along the way, they determined it was too expensive to do that, and their next design was unpopular with neighbors. The LINC design is better, IMHO, but I'm still disappointed that the building won't be saved.
  4. organsnyder

    Burton Heights

    The education wing is completely gone. Interesting that they tore it off so neatly, given that the entire structure is coming down.
  5. organsnyder

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    Excellent news! Bosna Express is a hidden gem, IMHO.
  6. organsnyder

    Burton Heights

    More demo progress. Interesting that they appear to be stripping the shingles off of the roof of the sanctuary before they demo it. Perhaps for asbestos concerns, or to salvage materials separately?
  7. organsnyder

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Some of your ideas are sensible, but this one is just bizarre. Division began its slide into "impoverishment" back in the 1960s with white flight and sprawl. Are you really claiming that people avoid businesses on South Division because of traffic!?
  8. I worked in that building up until this past summer. Hardly anyone went to Iron, even though it was downstairs. Food and service was unremarkable for the price. I think that space won't work well until the theater is done. Perhaps there will then be enough foot traffic down Ottawa to make something work.
  9. organsnyder

    Burton Heights

    There goes the education addition from the 1960s.
  10. organsnyder

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    Don't forget Alger Heights! Not as trendy as many of the others, but I'd put it head-to-head against any neighborhood in GR for walkable amenities.
  11. organsnyder

    Burton Heights

    The demolition of the former Burton Heights United Methodist Church (100 Burton St SE) has begun:
  12. organsnyder

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    I found a violation from early last year noting that the roof was caved in. Wonder what the state of the building is.
  13. organsnyder

    East Beltline Developments

    I think aging-in-place trends will impact the assisted living industry long before changing demographics do. Also, based on my limited knowledge (I have relatives in the industry), I think the payback period would likely be much less than a decade.
  14. Can't judge it until the texture finishes loading.
  15. organsnyder

    Crane City

    Seems like a missed opportunity, to me.