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  1. It's especially amusing/aggravating to see them trying to align themselves with the progressive urbanist crowd. Replacing antique stores with housing is a progressive win. I love those stores, but my shopping experience shouldn't come at the expense of housing.
  2. Hotel desks are desks not assigned to any specific individual. Spectrum already has them in many offices (when I worked for Spectrum I'd use them occasionally when I was at another location for meetings), but I'm assuming they'll be expanding them quite a bit to accommodate workers that are primarily WFH.
  3. Not nearly as showy, but there is already a skywalk connection over Ottawa that connects to everything on the DT skywalk system.
  4. Thanks for posting the pic. I kept meaning to stop and take some, but I don't walk that way anymore since I work from home. West Garfield is a really cool piece of infill: it occupies space formerly taken by part of a crumbling church parking lot. The church building is still there (I think it's casting the shadow in the lower-right), and they share the remaining parking lot plus plenty of on-street parking on Jefferson. I've been wondering if there is an "East Garfield" in the works. There's another unused parking lot on Burton next to Korean Grace CRC (former Burton Heights CRC) that co
  5. When my office was in the Blue35 building, I was struck by how little activity there was in the Cooley building. Even the library (or at least what I'm assuming was the library, visible on the ground floor) rarely had anyone in it. Apart from the lack of activity, we're not losing much of value:
  6. Based on my experience with New Hotel Mertens' Ninth Street Philly steaks popup concept (as well as their traditional fare and, well, everything they do), that poutine is gonna be incredible.
  7. I'm the only person I know under 40 that subscribes to a print newspaper (we subscribe to two: GR Press and NY Times). The GR Press is pretty worthless at this point, with a smattering of local content at least two days old (not only do they only deliver three days a week, they must also have a print deadline of 3pm or something). The NY Times is printed in Detroit, and I rarely see a deviation from their typical 4am delivery time. The GR Press should have no problem maintaining their normal late morning Tuesday/Thursday and early morning Sunday delivery schedule. I'm surprised that Walke
  8. I can't imagine that vandalism was the cause, unless they were underinsured or something. Even with restaurants opening back up, I have a hard time seeing how they'd make it without the normal downtown office worker crowd.
  9. That restaurant used to be exceptional. But the last couple of times I was there (for the brunch buffet) it was really run-of-the-mill—downright bad for the price. That parcel plus the one on Fulton would make quite the property.
  10. Not surprised. It was an old-style mall theater that couldn't profit off of complementary neighboring businesses (like Studio C does with the businesses it either leases space to or owns).
  11. Some restaurants seem to be doing well: for instance, Amore said on their Facebook page that this past weekend was their most successful in the ten years they've been open. I'm not sure how the economics compares to normal times for these businesses, but many seem to be adapting successfully. This crisis is an order of magnitude more disruptive than anything in recent memory, but I think it is demonstrating that the most successful businesses are able to adapt and survive—perhaps even thrive—under unexpected circumstances. Of course, it's possible that many of these restaurants are merely
  12. The branding has been like that for at least five years, IIRC (I worked there from 2015-2018). The delivery side (Spectrum) is blue and payer (Priority) is green. My team at Spectrum worked on projects for both, and we'd refer to them as "blue", "green", or "teal" (combined). When I worked at 25 Ottawa, the big logo on the building was for a financial company that occupied less than 20% of the building. So those logos are definitely more for marketing than to identify which employees work there. My hunch (no insider info, not even outdated) is that we'll see more of a marketing push
  13. Videoconference pro-tip: Put the meeting on your secondary/tertiary monitor (you have multiple monitors, right?) so you're looking straight into the camera when you're doing something else.
  14. Wise move. This is no joke. Glad to hear they're paying their employees during the closure.
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