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  1. Creston Neighborhood

    IIRC, back when Electric Cheetah was getting off the ground, they sold "Cheetah Bucks" that were worth slightly more than you paid for them ($12 value for $10, IIRC), with the stipulation that they wouldn't be redeemable until after they had been open for a certain amount of time. Seemed like a pretty good idea, to me.
  2. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I'm not well-connected with the local labor movement, but I'm definitely more well-informed than the average citizen (as is everyone on this board). My perception of the local ATU is being colored by this and other stunts (disrupting the Labor Day bridge walk, a lot of confrontational posts on social media...). I am pro-labor, but I'm not holding the ATU in high regard based on these events. Yes, the two-year timespan with no contract is extremely concerning. But, based on these events, I'm beginning to wonder if the ATU has been reasonable during negotiations. Of course, these recent actions could be borne out of desperation—and they've certainly gained exposure for their cause. But it's coming at the cost of public perception. It does appear that the ATU did not officially oppose the millage (they remained neutral, as did the Kent County Democratic Party). However, like any group, the most vocal and antagonistic members are clouding the perception of the entire organization. This can't be beneficial for them in the long term, especially with events like last night's vote portraying the ATU as having no real clout. All around, a crappy situation, to be sure. Everyone will win when the Rapid employees achieve a contract that is acceptable to all. But I'm extremely thankful that our entire regional transit system didn't become a casualty in a high-stakes game of chicken.
  3. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    What's the basis for that vote estimate? I've certainly been seeing a lot of negativity (especially from the union), but I haven't seen any concrete numbers.
  4. Woodland Mall to get $100 Million makeover

    I took driver's ed there. I also bought plenty of tools over the years, furnishings for our home when we got married, etc. Hardly been there for the past few years, though, since the entire company has gone so far downhill.
  5. Fifth Third Ballpark

    It's good enough. Could be bigger, could have more amenities.
  6. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    Hopefully they do an online poll. We're great at those.
  7. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    I would think that our tight housing market would be a concern for them—but the vitality that has caused the tight market could be a draw.
  8. RFP - 201 Market

    The overall park is that old, but the main building was completely rebuilt after that massive fire a few years ago (I the smoke being visible from my office at the time, which was near Burton and E Beltline). Since that building houses all the amenities that really become dated (suites, concessions, etc.), the park is really quite new. I don't see them moving away from that location any time soon. The current park could easily be expanded by adding additional seating, concourses, etc.: left field is still devoid of seats, and the lawn areas could also be modified. If they still want more, they could rebuild the main concourse (again) and/or the seating in right field.
  9. More pieces moving into place:
  10. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    Construction fence is going up around these buildings this morning.
  11. Who is he using for an architect? I hope it's not one of those useless local companies. Gensler is the only firm that is qualified to do this sort of work in such a high-profile location. If we get this wrong, it will besmirch the reputation of Grand Rapids—if not the entire Midwest—for centuries. And that's even before the HPC gets their dirty little paws all over it and restricts the elevations to blend in with some sort of mythical historical neighborhood fabric. Will it be mixed-use? What will this mean for the neighborhood? We don't want this cul-de-sac to be the next Wealthy Street. Is he adding parking? Only homeless people will ride the bus to get there, and do you really think that people will ride their fixies there come October?
  12. Direct link to the packet PDF:
  13. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I try to avoid the East Beltline during rush minute, but it seems to me that a lot of the backup is due to a couple of choke points (especially the I-96 interchange). Given that Lake Michigan Drive is much more free-flowing, the traffic counts wouldn't surprise me (they're tracking how many cars get through in an hour—not how many cars are on the road at a particular instant).
  14. Meijer

    My hunch is that the new light fixtures are LEDs—probably something like this:
  15. County to sell 82 Ionia

    Glad to see this. This never felt like the right move—either financially, or for the effectiveness of county operations.