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  1. Videoconference pro-tip: Put the meeting on your secondary/tertiary monitor (you have multiple monitors, right?) so you're looking straight into the camera when you're doing something else.
  2. Wise move. This is no joke. Glad to hear they're paying their employees during the closure.
  3. We might have ridden together on occasion: I was also a SL rider, from 2015 through mid-2018 (until I got a WFH position and stopped commuting). I would usually go in early morning (occasionally as early as 5:30am, usually a little later) and go home 4~5pm. Burton was my stop. Your experience matches mine: buses were packed around rush hour, especially when GRPS and GRCC were in session (seeing how many GRPS kids need to be catching a bus at 6am to get to school on time was eye-opening for me). AFAIK, the buses bunching up isn't intentional, but rather due to congestion—the leading bus is running late, while the trailing bus is "on time". Afternoon traffic absolutely destroys on-time performance, with the main choke points being Medical Mile and Wealthy from Jefferson to Division. I'd love to see more commuter transit catch on here. Enabling low-car lifestyles is as important (if not more) than no-car, IMHO.
  4. March 12 works for me as well. Count me in!
  5. March 5 is a Thursday. Is it Tuesday, 3/3 or Thursday, 3/5?
  6. Not bad at all. Thinking back to when it was a parking lot that fit about seven cars, poorly.
  7. They're only in a small part of the Century building. Most of it is offices for a janitorial company (IIRC).
  8. Agreed. This reminds me of the temporary walls put up at malls and airports while storefronts are under construction.
  9. My ADU project (quite a bit larger, but still...) was over $200k. Construction ain't cheap, especially in a seller's market. And no, we're not anticipating recouping the investment (if it can be called that) any time soon.
  10. Pretty sure the author knows his own address. :-D The city assigns a new street number for the ADU. For our ADU, the ADU is house number 2063, compared to 2061 for the main house. 535 Shirley is the new ADU address, with 537 being the house number for the main house. The ADU doesn't show up in the assessing parcel search on the city site, which is why 535 Shirley isn't listed.
  11. I'm going to start pasting this graphic whenever anyone complains about traffic.
  12. Hey! I came out of the 80s! (not sure that I'm refuting your comment, though)
  13. I imagine those would not have been cheap to maintain (especially back before 15,000-hour lifespan LED fixtures were developed).
  14. I noticed a logo-less one—I think Eastern & Alexander (or thereabouts). I assumed it was really old rather than new. I can't think of a good reason (aside from a tiny cost savings) to not include it.
  15. When I worked at SH I worked in an open-plan office. It was conducive to neither productivity nor collaboration. Tellingly, most real collaboration took place in conference rooms.
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