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  1. Creston Neighborhood

    Depending on the level of care in the senior living community, parking may not be a concern. And there is a HUGE market for seniors to "ditch their homes and cars"—often at the prodding of their children.
  2. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    I have a childhood friend that grew up on Sherman. I can see how people on that street would be wary of development—as it is now, it's screened fairly well. If I lived there, I would be concerned with how changes on the south side of the Blodgett property might adversely impact the feel of the neighborhood, as well as contributing noise (though at least AeroMed doesn't land there anymore!).
  3. This is going to make Arena Place look even shabbier.
  4. Proposed Projects / Current Projects Underway 2017

    The building recently changed hands: More details I've dug up: Based on the address and registered agent for the holding company, my best guess is that this is one company involved: Check out all of these "CGFH" properties: Most/all acquired in 2017. Assuming that "FH" stands for First Holdings, I wonder what "CG" stands for... GRBJ reported some of their mortgages here: Here's an article on the lender:
  5. Predictions for the coming year

    Since we're already 1/12th done, I'll make mine: 1. Some downtown projects will be scaled back as growth slows to a more reasonable level. 2. Downtown theater will break ground and proceed on-schedule. 3. Hinman building will be delayed and/or scaled back. 4. AmplifyGR will continue to keep a low profile, but will facilitate two or three industrial tenants in the Cottage Grove / Madison area (where development is less controversial). 5. The Castle will limp toward the finish line. 6. Burton Heights will see signs of continued growth, including the closure of the trashy XXX shop. 7. Inequality and poverty will continue to be the attention of many forums and much consternation, but no major initiatives will be introduced.
  6. RFP - 201 Market

    That's a fascinating idea: Connect the skywalk down Market to the hotel tower in this development. Crossing 131 might be a bit tricky, though. Perhaps the skywalk could be extended as part of a future development on that huge Market/Fulton parking lot and Charley's Crab parcel (which, I'd imagine, will be an even hotter piece of real estate when it's the only thing separating the 201 Market development from the rest of downtown).
  7. RFP - 201 Market

    Things I like: Engages with the frontage on Market. Parking is concealed. Designs look good, to my amateur eye. The northernmost building seems to be taking cues from the JW Marriott. Things that I'm meh on: River engagement could perhaps be more inspired (but it's not bad, IMHO). Things I don't like: (this space intentionally left blank)
  8. RFP - 201 Market

    So much to love about these renderings. I hope this gets built.
  9. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    I'm a couple of decades too old to use the term as well, but I think it's spelled "siiiiick".
  10. Creston Neighborhood

    IIRC, back when Electric Cheetah was getting off the ground, they sold "Cheetah Bucks" that were worth slightly more than you paid for them ($12 value for $10, IIRC), with the stipulation that they wouldn't be redeemable until after they had been open for a certain amount of time. Seemed like a pretty good idea, to me.
  11. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I'm not well-connected with the local labor movement, but I'm definitely more well-informed than the average citizen (as is everyone on this board). My perception of the local ATU is being colored by this and other stunts (disrupting the Labor Day bridge walk, a lot of confrontational posts on social media...). I am pro-labor, but I'm not holding the ATU in high regard based on these events. Yes, the two-year timespan with no contract is extremely concerning. But, based on these events, I'm beginning to wonder if the ATU has been reasonable during negotiations. Of course, these recent actions could be borne out of desperation—and they've certainly gained exposure for their cause. But it's coming at the cost of public perception. It does appear that the ATU did not officially oppose the millage (they remained neutral, as did the Kent County Democratic Party). However, like any group, the most vocal and antagonistic members are clouding the perception of the entire organization. This can't be beneficial for them in the long term, especially with events like last night's vote portraying the ATU as having no real clout. All around, a crappy situation, to be sure. Everyone will win when the Rapid employees achieve a contract that is acceptable to all. But I'm extremely thankful that our entire regional transit system didn't become a casualty in a high-stakes game of chicken.
  12. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    What's the basis for that vote estimate? I've certainly been seeing a lot of negativity (especially from the union), but I haven't seen any concrete numbers.
  13. Woodland Mall to get $100 Million makeover

    I took driver's ed there. I also bought plenty of tools over the years, furnishings for our home when we got married, etc. Hardly been there for the past few years, though, since the entire company has gone so far downhill.
  14. Fifth Third Ballpark

    It's good enough. Could be bigger, could have more amenities.
  15. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    Hopefully they do an online poll. We're great at those.