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  1. The city zoning ordinances don't have much to say about the contents of a display—just the form (and due to the First Amendment, I doubt they could do much differently). Though I suppose there could be a restriction on how long "temporary" banner-style signs may be left up.
  2. It would have to be the second A of "AMWAY". The kerning between "AY" would be incredibly tight (as it is on the font on my computer), so there could still be room for "GRAND". Or maybe "GRAND" will be on its own row below this one?
  3. @Raildude's dad—hear, hear. As a Burton Heights resident, so much of what you say resonates. I also happen to be an Oakdale Christian grad who is close friends with a West Side grad, so your missive hit quite a few notes.
  4. Many are. I'd assume that Spectrum will be discontinuing leases in Bridgewater and Brassworks with this move.
  5. Who would be the customer base for a convenience store (what many of us really mean when we say "pharmacy") at that location? It's too far away from almost all of the hotels to get that business.
  6. Thanks for posting—I missed it too, and was wondering what was going on. Sad to see an old brick building like that come down; but if it was truly beyond repair, I guess this is progress...
  7. Arktos has been located in a little office building by Hall/131 for the past few years. It's a strange experience walking past the office for a cleaning company and all of a sudden being in a mead hall with brick wall coverings, etc. Their mead is really good, and they seem to have a dedicated following. I'll be sad that they're not as close to me anymore, but excited to see them grow.
  8. https://www.wzzm13.com/article/weather/belknap-neighborhood-continues-to-clean-up-debris-after-wind-damage/69-af75c587-9abf-4e9e-83ca-a747ef8a0ee2
  9. Any castle of repute must have an outpost to defend against invaders from the North.
  10. Thank you for the clarification. I guess I'm sensitive enough to perceptions of the area that I quickly interpret "[not] enough here" as "nothing of value in the neighborhood". On that point: there are definitely amenities I would appreciate having nearby (coffee shop, LMCU branch...). And there are some empty storefronts. But there are already many thriving businesses in this corridor—ones that are too often overlooked.
  11. As a neighborhood resident, I find this both offensive and inaccurate. Edit: I jumped the gun in my reaction.
  12. First of all, Division downtown is a very different beast: the large number of people loitering around the homeless shelters does, in my experience, make many people uncomfortable. Burton Heights doesn't have this problem—I've observed a few people loitering occasionally, but the vast majority of people are on their way to work or school. Residential gentrification is indeed a tough nut to crack, especially for renters: as values and rents go up, they will simply be forced out. Homeowners should at least in theory benefit from increasing property values, so I'd argue that increasing homeownership (yes, I know that's not trendy in some circles right now) could be a huge boon. Business gentrification is completely different: if business owners are able to adapt to a changing environment, they could benefit immensely—or at least avoid being supplanted. There are many businesses in Burton Heights that are minority-owned, and some of them have been there for decades. A $10k loan can be all the difference for a business that is in desperate need of updated signage, lighting, etc. Also, the surrounding neighborhoods are already mixed—at least at a macro level. The blocks by Garfield Park (especially south and east) have been [upper-]middle-class since the houses were built. Other lower-income blocks are also showing signs of change; from what I've observed, gentrification is well underway.
  13. I wonder how useful a battery bank would be—peak output tends to track peak load, at least during the cooling season. My guess is that wind turbines would require much more operational expertise—solar panels are simple enough that they can be DIY by adventurous homeowners, and require little ongoing maintenance. That being said, seems like the city could be reaching out to wind generation companies to see if one would be interested in a lease.
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