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  1. organsnyder

    Predictions for the coming year

    A little more I was able to dig up on Mackie's World: I have vague memories of riding the suspended train when it was City Center. We took the GRATA bus downtown.
  2. organsnyder

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    It wouldn't surprise me if Spectrum is intending to replace many of their shuttles with the #19 (disclaimer: I am a Spectrum employee, but have no inside knowledge on any of this). Spectrum has provided employees with bus passes for a number of years, and now the passes aren't even needed anymore—ID badges can be scanned directly on the new Wave scanners.
  3. organsnyder

    Burton Heights

    GPNA posted a photo essay of the old church: Also, on May 20 at Garfield Park there will be a kick-off celebration for the South Division Corridor Area Specific Plan:
  4. organsnyder

    Burton Heights

    All the cool neighborhoods get their own threads, so I figure I'd start one. :-) The "Garfield Lofts" project is going forward: . This will involve demolishing the 110-year-old former Burton UMC (100 Burton St SE) and building LIHTC apartments. Other neighborhood news (that I don't recall being discussed elsewhere): The adult theater building on Division just south of Burton has been purchased, and is being renovated. The ugly facade has been taken off. Not sure if any tenants are lined up yet—it won't be returned to its former use. One Bun has been operating on Division a block south of Burton for at least six months now. Very good hotdogs (including hand-dipped corn dogs), decently priced. One of the owners was a long-time Yesterdog employee.
  5. organsnyder

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I'd be interested in seeing some real figures (The Rapid's website is too opaque—I'm hoping out of negligence rather than intentional obfuscation). In my experience, ridership seems quite high—at least during peak commuting times—and the #1 route also stays very busy.
  6. organsnyder

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Anecdotally, in my experience there are usually only a few people that ride the bus only inside of the free zone. Most are going to/from Hall or further south. At least a quarter of the riders are Spectrum employees, in my estimation—it definitely takes some of the demand off of the Michigan Street parking ramps. Again, this is anecdotal, but during commute times buses are usually at least 75% full—sometimes standing room only. This is with the 10-minute intervals. Fare enforcement officers aren't finding nearly as many freeloaders as they did initially, either.
  7. organsnyder

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    Did they run out of brick?
  8. organsnyder

    The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    Wow—it's so considerate of you to resign your position so you can get back to the constituents that matter. I have conflicting thoughts on these issues. On the one hand, we have (as you've said) a crisis on our hands. However, many of the things we're doing will have impacts that will far outlast this crisis—as well as all of us. In my neighborhood, we're losing a beautiful (albeit neglected over the past ten years) 115-old church to make way for housing. Once that building is torn down, it can't be put back. I've seen two kinds of reactions to proposed projects in my neighborhood: some people really do want to keep the "undesirables" out, but many do seem genuinely concerned about the physical infrastructure that drew them to their neighborhood in the first place. Also, I think it would be a grave error to focus solely on physical infrastructure to solve social problems. We need to be asking why so many people—even those working steady jobs—can't afford to live here. The solution needs to be multifaceted.
  9. There are a few people on the Salon that I'd call "fundamentalist progressive"—they refuse to acknowledge that people with differing viewpoints may have any valid points. But, in my opinion, most people are very reasonable (and the outliers usually don't go unchallenged). I'd label the Salon as more "community organizer" than "urbanist"—there's a lot of overlap between the two, but the priorities and perspectives aren't always fully aligned. I find value in both the Salon and UP communities for the differing perspectives.
  10. organsnyder

    Amazon looking to build in GR metro

    If you bought a property on that stretch of Patterson two years ago, you should have known exactly what you were getting into. If she was a fifty-year resident, I might have had some sympathy.
  11. organsnyder

    Day/Night Drone Footage of Downtown

    The part by the hospital made me especially nervous; pretty sure they were right in the middle of Aero Med airspace.
  12. Looks like construction is going full-bore. (apologies for the window reflections)
  13. organsnyder

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    Note that the parcels are being offered for lease rather than sale. Not sure how/if that changes who might be interested in them (a lot depends on the lease terms they're offering, I'm sure).
  14. organsnyder

    Creston Neighborhood

    Depending on the level of care in the senior living community, parking may not be a concern. And there is a HUGE market for seniors to "ditch their homes and cars"—often at the prodding of their children.
  15. organsnyder

    Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    I have a childhood friend that grew up on Sherman. I can see how people on that street would be wary of development—as it is now, it's screened fairly well. If I lived there, I would be concerned with how changes on the south side of the Blodgett property might adversely impact the feel of the neighborhood, as well as contributing noise (though at least AeroMed doesn't land there anymore!).