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  1. There really are not that many domestic hub and spoke cargo carriers anymore. Kalitta (American Intl Freight) had a station in CLT back in the ninetys, DHL did'nt last long here, Kitty hawk went tits up and Atlas/Polar basically offer ACMI service to other carriers . But it would be nice to see some intl carriers that run twice/thrice weekly service move their ops from ATL to CLT. The airport has no one on staff with cargo experience and will probably never hire anyone in a cargo capacity...Right now there are three cargo buildings sitting vacant on the property..I know JO was pretty pi$$ed wh
  2. Yes there are plans on the table for a revamp. An island has been installed already and the next phase should most likely be repaving. Also on the list is solar lighting, FAA audio and possible stadium seating....probably the earliest will be spring time....
  3. Well, this Sunday is the closing of 18C for it's long awaited rehab.....Should be interesting....
  4. When I went back home this past July to vist family in Buffalo, I needed to stop in Wegmans to pick up some cold cuts. I struck up a conversation with the store manager and asked him if they were looking at North Carlolina in their next expansion move. I told him I moved to Charlotte about 15 years ago and he stated that he had been here a few times and had some nice things to say about the city, he then started snickering, I asked what was so funny...He asked me if I shop at HT and I told him I do, he claims that they have HT on their radar screen but did not say when they planned on making
  5. I think LH is just doing some prep work in case the market were to change, I couldn't imagine CLT filling an aircraft that size..unless there is a whole bunch of cargo to help pay for the operating costs.
  6. True...saw it myself... Also, Curbside Valet is to start using the new Business Valet Deck soon, their current parking lot (old red lot) is getting torn out for the A Ramp expansion....
  7. Whats really strange is the final expansion of e-con will have at least 1 widebody gate supposedly for a 330, that was just thrown in the plan recently....but that could change as fast as it was added....
  8. You will absolutely get no arguement from me about JO's arrogant attitude, his insensitivity towards people and how condesending he can be, that we will agree on....
  9. Until the "one man show retires" changes will be slow, or they will not be what people want or expect....I see it, feel & work it everyday, it is so fustrating trying to do our job..You have no idea how hard it is trying to get the equipment needed to function properly..
  10. Miesian....Your dislike for the CLT airport and Jerry seems very strong and you do have some legitimate concerns, but you have heard "he who lives in a glass house". Yes I do work for the AD and at any given time when driving across the ramp I see many of the Thugs on Tugs acting like fools...Just look out the terminal windows and see how many rampers are walking around with their pants have way down their butts and hats on sideways, breakrooms that are trashed everyday....There is plenty of blame to go around, I just thinks it's not fair that all of it is pointed at the managment of the airpo
  11. 1/6/10...Flightcheck starts this week for the localizer, glideslope and papi's, then there will be a 6 month navaid burn-in...
  12. You are spot on!!!! Why do you think PIT was dehubbed after the BK's, because it was just to expensive to move all that traffic through that beautiful airport....CLT may not be the prettiest, but it is cost effect for US...I do not know the numbers right now, but two years ago it cost the airlines 1.29 per pax to move them thru CLT..As for the maintenance or lack of, there is a reason for that, the airport does a bad job funding and manning the maintenance department, all they are doing is putting lipstick on a pig...
  13. There is a plan for the land between 18C & 18R, another runway....Good wx runway is to be built in the not so far off future, if you ever get a chance to go back into the construction zone you will notice that taxiways N & S are crowned for the additional runway...
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