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  1. 11 straight days where the temp never got below 74? 11 exits on 74. Silver line funding confirmed.
  2. Changing gears, I was uptown Friday early evening from 5-7 with my son. Mommy was busy working so we were exploring the big city a little bit. Maybe it's because I haven't been uptown on a weekend night in a while, but I was shocked by the number of extremely intoxicated vagrants I saw walking around. We were on Tryon from 4th down to the DEC, then to the Epi Center, then to RB Park. I expected to see some people hanging out on the benches or asking for money, but there were around 1/2 dozen guys stumbling around, 1 of them in the middle of 3rd street. Even saw a couple of guys drink
  3. A big college rugby tournament is in town at the Rugby Athletic Center this weekend. 400+ college rugby players in case anyone is looking to watch rugby, recruit college talent, etc. 2015 Teams @ACRCBowlSeries American International College @AICrugby defending champs Boston College @BCRFCnews 2014 RU Clemson University @ClemsonRugby Indiana University @IURugby Iona College @ICRF
  4. I've done about 15 minutes of searching the thread. Is there a rendering for the Hines station anywhere? All I can find is this: http://www.hines.com/press/releases/11-12-12.aspx
  5. A little bit of google-fu shows that this is in fact the actual game box. It's even on the wiki. http://www.civfanatics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=1123&c=19 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civilization_(video_game)
  6. Amelie's has their exterior sign up. Are they doing anything with that terrible reflective glass whatever the fudge it is on the sidewalk?
  7. It was just listed for sale - apparently CBRE has the listing. The loan secured by the property is in default and I think it would make sense for someone to buy the building subject to a GE relocation (and probably a subsequent re-naming of the property). http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/real_talk/2015/09/bank-of-america-plaza-about-to-hit-the-market.html
  8. I assume it will be part of the master plan that is being released on the 17th. A quick look at the linked site didn't show any timeframe.
  9. What is the source for this? I can't imagine the NCDOT creating a PA Turnpike...
  10. Anyone see this article ranking transit systems Nationwide? http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/how-your-citys-public-transit-stacks-up/?ex_cid=538fb The only ranking they used was rides per Capita. I added a few more 'rankings' to try and see how we stack up against other MSAs. The only glaring omission IMO is MSA area & population density - I imagine that the density is a much better tool of analysis that pure population. Long story short, without more in-depth analysis from a transportation expert, I think we are doing an above-average job in terms of transit, but getting close to the p
  11. I tried it last week. Tacos are above average. If you're a fan of JB's, their burritos are far superior.
  12. Pitchers! Am I the only one super excited about properly priced pitchers! Pineville reaping their just desserts for not allowing the light rail. fudge that town with a 10 foot pole. Make sure you don't drive after leaving there because I can assure you their Gestapo will be looking hard to make DUI arrests (not that I am ok with drinking and driving).
  13. Glad to see we bounced back pretty well from the MTSU whoppin, but we can't move the ball effectively. More frustrating to me than our QB situation is that in the first half, Kalif Phillips was tearing up the D, but they kept sitting him & trying to pass in the spread. He ended up with 29 touches and 165 yards, so I guess they saw the light in the 2nd half, but GD it was frustrating to see him on the bench for 1/2 of our snaps in the 1st half. The rest of the season is probably going to be long as the top teams in the conference are going to be hunting bowl games.
  14. Scott Walker for President. I might have rear ended him on principal.
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