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  1. Don't know if anyone here has been following along with the Regional Transit process in the Triangle, but substantial progress is being made. They're currently doing something called an "transitional analysis" process to determine which corridors will be constructed first (and which ones will be submitted to the FTA first). There are 17 corridors being considered, with the idea that 3 will move on to create Locally preferred alternatives. The full list (along with pretty maps) can be viewed here: http://www.campo-nc.us/TAC_Agenda/2010/Agenda-TAC-2010-06-16-Att-11A-Regional-Rail-Initiative_n
  2. I'm under the impression that the greatest speed improvements between Raleigh-Charlotte will be realized with the implementation of Positive Train Control (at least in the near future).
  3. http://marynewsom.blogspot.com/2010/03/nc-adds-charlotte-raleigh-train.html Looks like June 5th is the start date!!!
  4. I saw the new engine and cars parked at the Capital yard last weekend...looked ready to go but then again I wasn't close up.
  5. And NC gets...520 Million! Not as much as I would ideally like, but I'll take it, especially since there was only 8 billion to go around.
  6. According to the Herald-Sun, Lisa Jackson will be in Durham tomorrow to announce NC's award...is this good news?
  7. Just got back from the Transportation Research Board annual meeting in DC. According to several folks I talked to there, the grants for HSR won't be announced until after the President signs a health care bill (probably in the next few weeks). Take it for what it's worth. Also, Pat Simmons (head of NCDOT Rail) was there and seemed to be in a fairly good mood. Again, just speculation on my part.
  8. So, according to the last update on this site, the new midday Piedmont is supposed to start on the 1st of March. Is this still the case?
  9. Hmmm.... Not anytime soon. I would expect the FRA to announce awards in December or January. The FRA just released a draft rail plan (which isn't much of a plan at all, but is essentially an introduction to the goals of HSR). Link Here This plan sucks. It gives me a sinking feeling that the FRA either a: doesn't know what it's doing or b: is going to handicap passenger rail because of freight railroad interests.
  10. I think the vagueness of the projects along the S line are due to the fact that NCDOT has yet to acquire the ROW and select a final route for this section.
  11. Track 2 (Corridor) applications are due today. Anyone know how much NCDOT is applying for? Also, when are we supposed to hear about the track 1 applications?
  12. Applications for Track 1 (Design/Construction) are due today. Any idea when we'll see NC's applications?
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