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  1. So instead of 5/10 minutes we have 9/15 minutes. Great job CATS!
  2. Yeah, its pathetic. CATS has no better idea. John Lewis needs to be fired ASAP
  3. I feel like they are going to decrease headways with this...
  4. Seems like I see a car in the bus lane every time I'm on 4th.
  5. 1WFC is still a very beautiful building on the outside, but man a lot of the floors are dated.
  6. We got burgers for the entire office from the uptown one once. They were undercooked and terrible.
  7. Would be a shame to see Nashville bungle this over trying to attract Nascar Music City Heaters @HeatersNSC BREAKING: Per @HeatersNSC sources, @JohnCooper4Nash continues to delay demo permits for @NashvilleSC MLS Stadium to engage in closed-door negotiations with SMI to bring a @NASCAR race to Fairgrounds Speedway. Such a deal is projected to require a $30m investment from Metro.
  8. I know it is real, just something about the lighting. Very good picture.
  9. Not sure why, but this looks like a computer rendering.
  10. Thanks for nothing NS Yep. Looks like BRT and toll roads are the best it is going to get for Northern Meck/Iredell. Yuck
  11. Found an article that suggests the area near that station added 2.2k housing units and a lot of commercial. I think the Ballantyne extension would have a really sizable impact here...but CATS has to increase speed/headways.
  12. Would be cool to get it up to 264' to match Skyhouse, but it will be close enough.
  13. You can go upstairs at the Latta Arcade?
  14. Not exactly a lot of companies out there ready to occupy 500k sqft of office space
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