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  1. Isn't there some other thread to house this weapons-grade bullcrap?
  2. On a semi-related note, don't the Rock Hill signs at exit 79 come from a historic Charlotte building? I thought that was something I've read here, but cannot recall the exact story.
  3. Desert Power


    Is there not enough population growth nearby to reopen the school ala Villa Heights?
  4. This looks so hilariously bad. I'd prefer no or minimal signage. This is just gaudy and not in the fun, ironic way.
  5. de Unfortunately the "they" in this example is CATS. Even if the Silver Line gets built in 2 decades, I will have no confidence they will be able to manage these type of transitions between lines. Imagine trying to go to a job at Legacy Union from River District. With two transfers how long will that take? The Gold Line probably shouldn't be extended either since the CATS can't operate it well. I also am not bullish on the idea the River District will have nearly the amount of density/offices as Ballantyne.
  6. Really not feasible to connect this to the projected silver line track
  7. Looking through my phone, I realized I actually got some decent pictures of the buildings in Ft Worth:
  8. A long long time ago when we all could work Uptown, we would frequently get afternoon beers at Amelie's. The city was always out there towing people that parked during the 4-6 hours outside. We have two very well located towing companies near uptown. And the city can always use revenue. It is ridiculous we are letting cars sit on the tracks like this.
  9. Was quite surprised how dead both Ft Worth and Dallas downtowns felt. Both are obviously very beautiful, but just little to no activity while I was there. I had a nice lunch at a latin american place right across the street from the freeway cap park. Just not a lot of people out and about. Likewise, Ft Worth has some really cool buildings with a mix of historic, but felt like their Main St was less active than even Columbia, SC. Stockyards in Ft Worth were a different story. That place was hopping. Overall I was pretty impressed with the infrastructure though. Seems like they have in
  10. Any tips on what to see in Fort Worth? I'll be staying more on that side of the metro, so probably head there tomorrow afternoon. Will take Monday to explore downtown Dallas if there isn't a chance sooner.
  11. Going to Dallas this weekend for the Panthers game, will have to check that out. Looks like an impressive cityscape too
  12. Terrible. CATS can't execute the basics, hard to see how they will ever convince voters on the longer term plans.
  13. In another department we don't even have space right now after being boxed up and told we were moving to 2 WFC almost a year ago. Not sure we will ever really go back.
  14. People aren't going to be riding it much at all with the timings mentioned.
  15. in front of Channel 9? wow it is an inbound to uptown location but I must say it is strange location for one. Yeah, this is going to stick out a bit in the surrounding area. Wonderful to see the investment though.
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