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  1. Brooklyn redevelopment would be perfect. Or on some empty actual Levine land...
  2. Let's turn more golf courses into parks and housing!
  3. The architectural quality difference is jarring, but this sat unused for over a decade. Excited for the infusion of life in this part of the city.
  4. Yeah. I live on Yadkin in Villa Heights. I'm jacked.
  5. The bridge is finally paved:
  6. That new bridge of 11th over Brevard is a small detail, but it will really help bike/ped connectivity to the "Mill District" neighborhoods. Wish there was a solution for Davidson. Can't tell what the heck they are doing around College St though. Maybe getting rid of that exit.
  7. I like that Y because it is has typically been pretty empty when I've gone, but it certainly is lacking in terms of amenities and facilities. There is a lot of charm in it. Completely agree with the bold though. There is plenty of land on this site that can otherwise be developed. I think it is very important to keep one of the remaining, maintained green spaces in the neighborhood too
  8. I think it looks nice, so certainly hope it can be incorporated into a better design. Not sure the scope of renovations that gym will need.
  9. 900 N Tryon? Good luck with that.
  10. Actually walked down the hill today. They really pulverized that warehouse.
  11. Some semi-recent pictures of development in the other corner of Villa Heights:
  12. There is a parking lot just near that land that probably would need to be expanded. Could basically do a new loop over there and hopefully connect to the Big Oak trail.
  13. Southeast Lighting site demo continues. Got most of the warehouse down today. Will try to get some pics tomorrow.
  14. The distinct names were more harmful than helpful. Very few people in the rest of town can tell the difference and think of this all as NoDa.
  15. Yeah, I thought that was odd too. Most European cities have parks pretty famously around some of their attractions. I stayed near the Trocadero in Paris and Green Park in London each the last times I was there
  16. I wonder if this enhanced service will make Salisbury trains more commutable to Charlotte (really just a matter of timings/frequency).
  17. I took this two weeks ago, so you can see the progress on the sidewalk:
  18. That's really a great fit on a site that I feared would sit empty for much longer.
  19. Is there an issue with it here?
  20. Busy week of announcements. Charlotte is really continuing to pick up steam in a lot of ways. I'm bearish on the idea good zoning/new transit will actually be passed, but there is still a ton of momentum. A lot of it from the private sector.
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