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  1. There are two other, smaller developments at that site for Charlotte. Do we think they are all in the same blocks? Hopefully they can integrate public instead of just private space into these concepts.
  2. Yeah, I don't like that ranking because it is misleading. Still, if our goal was to maximize the ranking on that metric, it would be much better to fill in the rail yard with high density housing that would be connected via greenway to already existing parks. I also want to be clear that either option for that land is better than it's current use by NS.
  3. CPCC receives $10M donation, largest individual gift in school’s history Plans for the gift include: - Establishing an endowment that provides resources to attract and retain outstanding arts and humanities faculty members. - Creating a scholarship endowment to provide Opportunity Scholarships for students who are pursuing degrees in arts and humanities. - Creating and launching an arts and humanities series which will bring renowned authors, artists, and performers to Central Piedmont for the benefit of students, faculty, staff and the greater Charlotte-Mecklenbur
  4. Yeah, its area that was largely going to be in the cross Charlotte trail (because it is in the floodplain). Just connecting this with Cordelia would be huge for this area of town. I still think the railyard should be mostly turned into midrises with a greenway vs such a large park, but admire this group making an impact.
  5. The density of those David Weekly blocks is going to be a great asset. And they've designed their street interaction better as the development has gone along.
  6. Interesting also that they are showing a road cutting through the current Cats bus yard with some development on that site. A cap there makes a lot of sense and would make that property really valuable. Needs better connectivity to Alexander Park and the greenway from this direction. Also wish there were a station closer to Optimist Hall than Parkwood. Blue line slows down a lot under 277 anyways.
  7. Yeah, I wonder how it would do as basically an enclosed mall with a retail focus. If the CTC and NCRR sites were redeveloped with significant residential units, I think it would stand a much better shot. Really could use a residential tower in that area of town.
  8. Haven't seen much activity. I read somewhere that Seoul was opening later this year. Will take some pics this PM and follow up.
  9. So I found your comment as I have been driving through the Palmetto Commerce Highway a few times over the last month due to visitations with family. That whole cut-through didn't even exist when I lived there. How fully built out is that area? Is that development going to be more industrial or will there be retail and residential mixed in? Additionally, I had to get off at the Volvo exit to circumvent an accident and ended up driving through this massive Camp Hall site. Obviously the Volvo site is a big draw, but it is just so far out. I assume this is a sign development is going to conti
  10. It's built, I've walked over it several times now. Not sure when it opens officially.
  11. Not to mention that CATS has routinely experienced delays relative to their timeline. The blueline upgrades extensions are particularly bad as this is going to be out only real transit route for almost two decades. Wow.
  12. A little dark, but the new Camden building is massive: Google Maps has this plot of land in both Noda and OP. Anyone know if is in Noda or does that stop at Matheson even here?
  13. Nice looking. Still not following what happened here. Is Honeywell building an additional hangar for their actual purposes or just donating it back for a museum?
  14. Brooklyn redevelopment would be perfect. Or on some empty actual Levine land...
  15. Let's turn more golf courses into parks and housing!
  16. The architectural quality difference is jarring, but this sat unused for over a decade. Excited for the infusion of life in this part of the city.
  17. Yeah. I live on Yadkin in Villa Heights. I'm jacked.
  18. The bridge is finally paved:
  19. That new bridge of 11th over Brevard is a small detail, but it will really help bike/ped connectivity to the "Mill District" neighborhoods. Wish there was a solution for Davidson. Can't tell what the heck they are doing around College St though. Maybe getting rid of that exit.
  20. I like that Y because it is has typically been pretty empty when I've gone, but it certainly is lacking in terms of amenities and facilities. There is a lot of charm in it. Completely agree with the bold though. There is plenty of land on this site that can otherwise be developed. I think it is very important to keep one of the remaining, maintained green spaces in the neighborhood too
  21. I think it looks nice, so certainly hope it can be incorporated into a better design. Not sure the scope of renovations that gym will need.
  22. 900 N Tryon? Good luck with that.
  23. Actually walked down the hill today. They really pulverized that warehouse.
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