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  1. Some semi-recent pictures of development in the other corner of Villa Heights:
  2. There is a parking lot just near that land that probably would need to be expanded. Could basically do a new loop over there and hopefully connect to the Big Oak trail.
  3. Southeast Lighting site demo continues. Got most of the warehouse down today. Will try to get some pics tomorrow.
  4. The distinct names were more harmful than helpful. Very few people in the rest of town can tell the difference and think of this all as NoDa.
  5. Yeah, I thought that was odd too. Most European cities have parks pretty famously around some of their attractions. I stayed near the Trocadero in Paris and Green Park in London each the last times I was there
  6. I wonder if this enhanced service will make Salisbury trains more commutable to Charlotte (really just a matter of timings/frequency).
  7. I took this two weeks ago, so you can see the progress on the sidewalk:
  8. That's really a great fit on a site that I feared would sit empty for much longer.
  9. Is there an issue with it here?
  10. Busy week of announcements. Charlotte is really continuing to pick up steam in a lot of ways. I'm bearish on the idea good zoning/new transit will actually be passed, but there is still a ton of momentum. A lot of it from the private sector.
  11. May as well add another bike/ped crossing on Kennilworth to slow that traffic down
  12. So....scooters it is. That is supposed to be part of the Brooklyn development.
  13. Makes a ton of sense to concentrate all of these on one campus. The location for bankers in the MBA program is a bit worse though. Would be great if Brooklyn ever gets built to further extend the Stonewall residential corridor. I wonder if it makes sense for Wake to sponsor a circulator along Stonewall. Probably a pipedream, but it would be great to be able to take the light rail and an easy bus right to a hospital/campus.
  14. More detail from Axios here, including this tidbit: The medical school campus will be “a collaborative home” for Wake Forest’s MBA program, which has been in Uptown Charlotte for years, Wake Forest president Nathan Hatch said. Wake will locate its new school of professional studies on the med school campus, too.
  15. Now that it is official with real renderings and a video, I thought it warrants its own thread. This looks beautiful and will be imposing from 277 (and the future park/river to replace it).
  16. It's NoDa. This is silly. All of these marginal neighborhood names get confusing enough.
  17. This city just continues to whiff at the basics.
  18. Good point. How much I miss the halcyon days of complaining about delayed trains and lack of real-time tracking. I really wonder how different everything will be by the time the big banks go back into the office.
  19. Have we really slipped that far from the 7/15 minute headways?
  20. Q3 compare means we likely had 2.5 quarters of strong growth heading into it. Still a good stat.
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