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  1. Certainly less density potential when compared to 36th street. Tons of space to be redeveloped towards Tryon on 36th and lots of infill underway towards Davidson. Even if everything on Brevard flips to good TODs, the rail/Amtrak presence to the West and Matheson bridge will be limiting factors.
  2. 25th St Station is in a bit of an odd spot. So close to Parkwood and no access from Tryon. Really need to focus on bringing a lot of density to that area, which there are ample opportunities for. The two empty corners of Jordan Place/North Davidson represent a chance for a transformative project.
  3. Certainly seems to be a lot more of this type of stuff to keep it out of the street compared to the initial, southern stretch
  4. This doesn't look like a big enough development for such an important parcel of land. A mile from uptown and right across from a train station, let's get 5+ stories out of this thing.
  5. Yeah. My point, as others suggested, is that NoDa is mostly just bar food. As a resident, I'm excited for some new places to open that are more focused on the food than alcohol. We'll need more of this as residents move in, but it will take a long time to reach the level of PM. Even the flawed Miyagi's is missed.
  6. Really amazing how this whole area has been transformed
  7. Very similar to Maddio's in Overstreet and replacing an actual retail place (AT&T)
  8. I agree, it seems like great progress is being made from at least Parkwood to 7th
  9. Please tell me that this isn't another "small plate" place. NoDa needs actual restaurants.
  10. Certainly would help to work on the pedestrian connectivity on Brevard and College streets. It is pretty awful currently.
  11. You have Independence and Brookshire as freeways and want to make a boulevard connect them? Talk about a traffic nightmare.
  12. Thanks. That will be slightly better than a junk yard for semis.
  13. Any idea what the zoning request is at Brevard and 25th? Is 25th the street they're going to extend to Davidson?
  14. I like the bike plan connectivity a lot better. The right in/right out at Parkwood and Caldwell is a big mistake as fudgeers cause accidents trying to turn left anyways.
  15. Are they going to renovate the exterior of Independence tower? I just looks rough from the outside. Not sure if that is feasible.
  16. Definitely need to keep Parkwood as 4 lanes as it is the main way into the NoDa area.
  17. Thanks. Looks like a small space, but somewhere with produce is a welcome addition.
  18. Looks like there is a smaller grocery store going in under the Fat City condos, but haven't seen any info on it online This neighborhood really needs a grocery store.
  19. Not sure NoDa is really set up to have the density of South End, which is much closer to uptown and has vastly better road connectivity. Too much development around the "core" area is going to get messier. Would hope that the larger developments come up between Brevard and Davidson below Matheson. Am I correct in remembering the other side of the tracks will be a park/greenway?
  20. Place has no signage and no social media presence. Looks like it will be just as successful as the prior tenants...
  21. Miyagi's had some pretty well done dishes, but a lot of medicore/bad ones. We always liked it once we learned what to get. I just really liked that it was one of the few restaruants in the area that doesn't try to be a bar first. Food is one area NoDa needs to do a lot better in. Something large is going to happen on the two massive, empty corners of Davidson and Jordan in time (Publix in my dreams ) That will have to have parking.
  22. Yeah, it is mostly 34th and up that bothers me. Seems like I almost see someone hit everyday whether it is from sudden/bad parallel parking or unexpectedly walking in traffic...
  23. Pretty worried about the roads around NoDa when it "explodes" . Driving on Davidson is already pretty awful with the amount of on street or in the street parking as well as pedrestrians trying to jaywalk. It is going to be a nightmare with the population influx that Yards, Mercury, and the mills bring. Really should consider banning on street parking and putting in a real bike line. Not sure why anyone would use the Share biking lanes with all of the craziness.
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