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  1. Maybe not so bad, the train already inexplicably slams it's brakes under 277
  2. I think we will continue to additional jobs due to the overall breadth and depth of the industry here. Moving HQs....that seems quite a ways off. Let's worry about even getting C level people at these companies to sit in Charlotte first.
  3. Oh yeah, I prefer the bridge too. Particularly if we could incorporate a rail trail connecting Alexander Park/Greenway.
  4. That station looks so ridiculous next to all those automobile lanes.
  5. I agree with this. Wish we could apply this to Dilworth, Sedgefield, and NoDa too!
  6. Would look even better with the Intercontinental built
  7. Funny to have a conversation about NoDa jumping the shark while it is still the coolest neighborhood in Charlotte. Says a lot about how bland and boring our city is.... Not sure if Local Loaf has ever fully opened in the old Bodega spot. Only went in there once when they weren't inexclibably closed and they didn't even have coffee.
  8. Charlotte HQ'd Honeywell is back in the Dow Jones Industrial Average
  9. Yea, I have been very disappointed in the city's efforts to help restaurants expand outdoor dining. I think it is really shameful that we have failed to take advantage of ample sidewalk/plaza space in uptown during this. Uptown business is really going to be a shell of itself after the loss of all this business traffic and tourism. Let's lean into this by closing Tryon (and Trade) instead of getting the worst of everything here.
  10. Good point. Even when taxes get too high for them, it should be a nice increase for many of those long term families.
  11. Unfortunately, I'd bet most of that development takes the form of gentrification rather than the development we typically see along transit. Just not as much big parcels to be repurposed ala Brevard St or Sugar Creek.
  12. I'd say for two reasons: There is a big parking lot there that could become transit-oriented development We are really hurting for retail along our light rail anyways. When I lived uptown, it would have been great to be able to take the rail to a mall or anywhere to shop. South end has come a ways since then
  13. I think the current plans are for a stop at Carolina Place, which I think makes a lot of sense.
  14. I have a dream of a combined MBA/Law School build on Levine land near UNCC...
  15. I like infill of townhomes, duplexes, and smaller condo developments as a cheaper ownership or rental option than luxury apartments. Not as desne though
  16. My vote would be Gateway station for this. At the nexus of three transit methods, that is the future of the South.
  17. That North Davidson-Belmont intersection is going to feel so tight
  18. I think you are correct on both of these accounts. Even with serious constraints like the low-bid, these delays should not be acceptable. Large bureaucratic projects are never easy, but that doesn't mean that you constantly over-promise and under-delivery. I do this all day. Even as a very liberal person, I wonder if having such a one-sided city governance prevents us from holding people accountable for this stuff.
  19. Agreed. This continual failure on all of its projects has to result in new leadership at some point.
  20. I'm just a guy with an opinion on the internet, but a place that had continual delays in opening that then blames others on when the business fails leaves a bad taste. I also seem to remember Joe's Doughs (awesome stuff) trashing Abari when they closed too. I also live very close to Abari so will certainly miss it.
  21. Can't let perfect be the enemy of good. Let's get more people able to live in walkable, transit-adjacent spaces. Having to walk a block for food isn't the end of the world. Not enough attention being paid that we are finally restoring this historic mill for use
  22. Yeah, I find these differences often overlooked. I also don't think NoDa should strive to be like South End, but I'm biased. I can see a possible future where North Tryon beneath Sugar Creek develops enough that Atherton type of developments make sesne....but those areas are a LONG way off.
  23. Oh, was that one between 21st and 22nd? Good there is continued interest in these emptyish lots.
  24. At least Noda already has a pretty good amount of retail...and it seems like a lot of turnover. I'm always going to support more housing steps from transit
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