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  1. Unless I am mistaken isnt the only confirmed rail service 4 stops a day from MBTA? I dont see how that would link southern RI. If we had frequent rail service between Attleboro and say New London that could help. I myself refuse to go to Logon because its so conveluted, I can imagin people in CT and Souther RI taking commuter rail to Green to fly and moreso could link the souther part of the state to Providence. But the first question still stands, 4 stops from MBTA will give a little boost but wont to much at all for the southern half of the state.
  2. Is it just me? Am I the only one that sees that this is going to end up just another epic fail project that RI sinks money into? Just like the epic fail that is called "the Dunk"? Should call it the "Sunk". This state needs to get its head out of the sand. Adding a train station to an airport that isnt even large enough to serve the west coast is silly. If this project is going to be remotely considered a success the airport will need to be expanded and we all know how that is going...
  3. there is a view of the Providence skyline from 146South near the Mineral Spring ave exit that is awesome. I would love to somehot pull over and get some pics.
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