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  1. There is not 4 million people in Tampa metro only 2.8 million check census stats please on there websitehttp://www.census.gov/popest/data/metro/totals/2012/index.html
  2. Trina Turk coming to phipps plaza
  3. CT36 U are getting what u asked for I wonder what new tenants will come hopefully All saints or YSL
  4. So I went to Nordstroms to see what topshop was like and I must say that there are some great selection in there. Rebecca Taylor is open and it looks great. The adidas store is now carry a lot more of the Jeremy Scott line.
  5. Speaking of Neiman in Charlotte. That store was so small and the selection that they had where so outdated. There are a pair of Prada shoes that I saw in the mens shoes that were being sold at full price but I found that same shoe at that outlet here in Atlanta for 250 dollars less. I didnt see any D squared no Jimmy choo no y S L no balmain no lanvin no Alexander McQueen shoes and the list goes on the men's section was very small and very limited. Which makes me ask this question. Are there any flagship stores in South Park besides Belk? Even urban Outfitters was a little watered down compa
  6. I believe Miami will get Topshop first then Atlanta I know Atlanta was the first to get H&M in the south Topshop is already opening up a location in LA at The Grove.....This winter I do believe that if Phipps and Lenox was one mall It would be so much better and probably would attract more options. I went to that Small G star raw store and its attached to Standard I guess they are testing to see if that small one performs well before they open a larger one. Does anyone know when Club monaco will open back up?
  7. Phipps is cool with me. I always felt like Belk was for old people as they dont offer any of the brands I like it just look a upscale J.C Penny. Id rather shop at Bloomies or Nordstroms better selections and designers. Its probably been over 10 years since I seen the inside of a Belk's. I hate Gucci because to common. When I am at Phipps I go to Saks and Nordstroms thats it. By the way BeBe is moving to the Space that once was Crate and Barrel, not the entire space but a part of it. Phipps and Lenox would be better as combined mall but unfortunately there is no room to build them together
  8. Tory burch is moving out of that space, The Barneys store is cut in Half. Tory is going to be next to sunglass hut and rebecca is going to be next to Jimmy choo. Tory will be a much larger store, That Barneys store was kinda big. It looks like Tory is taking up more of that space though.
  9. I was in Phipps yesterday and Hublot is opening this fall. Rebecca taylor and Tory burch are taking the barneys space the Tory burch store will be bigger from the looks of it. There were actually a lot of people in Phipps yesterday and they were shopping not sight seeing. Saks has a huge sale going on right now got a few denims.
  10. I can respect a persons opinion. But his opinions turn into bashing which is out of line He has dome it on here already once. I challenge his post because some of his information is off About the retail market here in Atlanta. Not posting factual information but information he heard thru the grapevine.
  11. All this is a front. All CT 36 does is jump on the band wagon when someone. Is bashing Lenox. He goes from blog to blog bashing the malls in Atlanta.. but yet propping up here all the time. Kenneth the same argument you had with him about bashing Lenox a couple of threads back . I just had the same argument on another blog .. I had respect for him but now, not so much. And no the Steve Madden store will be larger than its current space. You see that CT36 global boutiques can Southpark claim anything of that nature no ma'am.
  12. MaxMara closed a lot of there stores too the one in Dallas closed before phipps did besides bottega. Was a good replacement Yes Theory closed but Michael Kors flagship store is a good replacement too.
  13. What are u guys prediction for Crate and Barrell the old Sony and 7 for all mankind spaces? I hope All saints finally puts a store here. Adriano Goldschmied,
  14. G STAR raw that's on the side of Standard is that a permanent store
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