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  1. Just found out today that W Grand River will take you from MSU all the way to downtown Detroit, while E Grand River will nearly take you all the way to Grand Rapids.
  2. Very nice pictures, I'll be glad to see Lansing start improving a lot more.
  3. Economy may have played a part. Yeah I'm sure my comment got off topic after mention I prefer MSU over GVSU. Maybe Spectrum, Secchia, etc... played a part as well, just found it interesting.
  4. I'm a outdoor person, like snow, and suburbs... although I prefer Michigan State University over GVSU by far. I was surprise to see Michigan State University build their medical center in Grand Rapids ( yeah it's a nice city) but what about its city here East Lansing/ Lansing. Jobs and probably a boost in economy went over to Grand Rapids. I wonder how the medical center woudl have shaped downtown Lansing. I wouldn't say I'm angry by the movement, nor pleased... just interesting.
  5. Michigan State University seems to be big with health as well, anyone hear about all the good news in Lansing, Michigan... development etc... http://develop.metrolansing.com/
  6. Sounds like good news, any other major city around the country influenced by the health field? Also few people made statements that if your looking for a job in the health field, you should have no problem finding a job in Michigan. Would this be indicating that Michigan is now looking more than the autoindustry?
  7. coolbrezze

    Traverse City

    Seems like Grand Rapids is the only forum that get post everyday.
  8. I hear many say the medical field gave Grand Rapids a boost.
  9. Grand Rapids, what a city. Not only does it seem that alot of buildings are going downtown... but they have style.
  10. Seems like LAnsing downtown is growing a bit, having a more walkable downtown.
  11. Grand Rapids, what a city. I hear many people say it's one of Michigan's best cities... although not ruling out Lansing. I also like its somewhat conservative.
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