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  1. What's up people. What is the latest on all of the condo, casino, and new urbanism (like Tradition projects around this area)?? This thread has been so dead lately.
  2. What happened to that proposed bridge that was suppose to cross near Brusly? That needed to happened like yesterday.
  3. What school you go to?
  4. How that's better than what EBR has??? I'll be the first to admit to the sh*ttness of EBR's system, but at least EBR has a system, at least it is mass transit. What that goSTAT is is nothing but a glorified, subsidized cab that wouldn't be sustainable if more people used it more frequently. Again, tell me what attribute(s) about that goSTAT that make you think it is better than what EBR has (an actual system of large buses with fixed routes that is actually used by people) or would llicit a response when describing it as "good"? Now if you want to point to a smaller, sparsely-(sub)urbanized
  5. What about that system sounds "good" to you? To me, it seems like it's simply old people/handicapped small vans that only them use. Doesn't very efficient to me. Very few use this system; I think I read somewhere that only 0.06% of the population in St. Tammany uses the system. Again, I wouldn't consider it mass transit.
  6. You would think that one the state's fastest growing parishes with a population of over 233,000 people (St. Tammany) would have some semblance of public transit, but NO it doesn't neither does Hammond which says a lot about the nature of that area.... wait a minute, I stand corrected (well, sort of), here's something from St. Tammany (though I wouldn't consider it mass transit).... http://www.stpgov.org/gostat.php ...and here's what Tangipahoa Parish (Hammond) has to offer... http://www.dotd.louisiana.gov/intermodal/transit/resource/providers.asp?Parish=53 It
  7. Wow..... lol I guess I can't blame you for posing that question as it is indicative of how luckluster transit is outside of N.O. To answer your question.....no, Jefferson Parish and St. Bernard has transit too.
  8. What is everyone's opinion public transit right outside of New Orleans? I have a little rant I want to let off my chest as it pertains to that subject but I'll await for a few responses before I inject my opinion.
  9. Interesting comparison, indeed; however, I likenend Cortana's situation to Oakwood Mall now. Oakwood looks and feels very dead after all of the renovations. I remember back in the late-90's (and mid-90's too) how live Oakwood was. I think the development of Manhattan was killing Oakwood then I think Katrina will prove to be the final nail in the coffin.
  10. What ever happened to the Value Place developments?
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