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  1. There has to be a balance between quality of life in the city and economic development. We could create all the jobs in the world if we weren't concerned about pollution, noise, etc. I think there are valid reasons for not wanting quarrying operations on the edge of town. I could make money doing a number of different things on my property that I own in Fayetteville. I could maximize the potential in the land I own, and some might argue that I should have the right to do that. The reality is that I have neighbors, and so I have to follow rules to ensure that I don't infringe on thei
  2. The city's Cone Patrol lists it as being under construction the rest of this year, stating that there will be one lane open during the day, and two lanes open during night hours. Three lanes is about right for Township. There are a lot of businesses along there now. I hope they can squeeze in some bike lanes and some trees along the street. There are some big ones that will be lost I'm afraid, in front of Miller Boskus Lack and the Hardware Store. There were several east of there lost from the ice storm as well.
  3. I've always thought Dickson could use a true late night food place. Where is Sunrise Cafe going in? The old Jerzee's?
  4. The renovated section of College Ave looks fantastic. It will look even better as time goes on and the trees mature. I really wish they'd extend this treatment to Sixth Street and to North Street. I expect some redevelopment in the renovated section, because its just so much more pedestrian oriented than before. Not ON College but the big renovation of the facade of Ozark Natural Foods is underway. I saw the renderings in the store. They are building a cart area and new entrance, along with remaking their patio seating for the dining area. The exterior is going to be changed up quite
  5. There appears to be a lot of retail in that garage rendering. Thats cool!
  6. The parcel of land at the SWC of Dickson Street and Block Avenue which was Brandon Barber's failed Divinity project is set to be auctioned off September 28th. Hopefully somebody cool with a good vision will buy it and get it for cheap. I think that parcel would be awesome for about 5 stories of high end rental apartments with a great ground floor restaurant or two. Some kind of development there would do a lot to tie Dickson and theSquare together.
  7. I have noticed the utilities are being relocated on Township between North College and Gregg. Are there plans for expanding Township there? I can't find anything online about it and its not a part of the city transportation bond program.
  8. Silver Joe's a new coffeeshop concept opened in the old Starbucks in Lowell or somewhere. I hear they are local and are looking for a Fayetteville location.
  9. I can't help but feel that one of the reasons this has dragged out as long as it has is because there are some serious power brokers who live in that neighborhood. I believe Jim Lindsey and Frank Broyles' homes are both directly affected by this. I don't have a whole lot of sympathy, given that this has been planned for a very long time, and because Mr. Lindsey has, in my opinion, shown very little regard for the city's wishes when it comes to planning, quality of life amenities, and for lack of a better phrase, not putting up crappy apartments that all look the same everywhere. This is
  10. I drove down to campus yesterday after viewing those pics. Dickson Street is all torn up from Duncan to the west. Anybody know what they are doing there? It looks like they are digging in the ROW next to the physics lab.
  11. Those look fabulous. I hope U of A does more student housing like this in the future.
  12. A person who can make such a loaded, false, irresponsible public statement about Fayetteville has no business whatsoever representing this city. Gazzola should resign immediately.
  13. This is false. Light rail, at the low rates it would be ridden in NWA, would by much more expensive per person than what we currently have. I think in many people's minds, "the government" is going to pay for light rail, so in a sense, its "free". Not so. People are not going to choose to ride light rail, given the limited places it would take you in NWA, when you can just get in your car and drive. The environmental advantages of light rail with regards to emissions are going to become less and less significant over the next 20 years to almost be negligible as low-emission automobile
  14. Random thought: Why doesn't the city narrow Center St. between College and the Square down to one lane, change up the parking, put in wider sidewalks, trees and lighting? The street carries "one lane" worth of traffic mostly anyway. Wider sidewalks and landscaping could extend the Square's atmosphere out to College Avenue there. I think the same thing could be done to Mountain street one block South and it would really make a great pedestrian area, effectively enlarging the Square in the process. Thoughts?
  15. If our new poster is on the same PC that approved Lindsey's The Links and has given Ruskin Heights hassle after hassle, I don't want to hear a word he/she says anyway. Pathetic.
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