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  1. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    There's a certain irony in the excitement that this big "reveal" of this building is generating, in light of the new construction currently going up that looks even worse than the facade that was smeared over these buildings. It's almost like someone is building a brand new ornate, classically styled building and PEOPLE LOVE IT. Perhaps a few architects could draw a lesson from this. For that matter, even HPC ought to take a lesson from this.
  2. The painted concrete does look a lot better than the bare concrete walls. Someone should tell the GRAM.
  3. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    Something tells me flights on the "bring your own seat cushion" airline known as Allegiant don't count.
  4. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    Buried treasure? They are wrecking a beautiful modern design so it will look old.
  5. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    So they have poured an incredible amount of concrete on site, but no pile driving. Is it short enough that the whole thing is just going on huge footings? I seem to recall weeks or months of pile driving happening at one of the last taller buildings that went up. Nothing here so far.
  6. 42 story building coming to downtown GR

    I expect that what was approved is basically what will be built. Not "iconic" in any traditional sense. Almost no one builds "iconic" mid-rise skyscrapers anymore for some reason. I like to think of them as vertical trailer parks. You get the same exact thing stacked up floor, after floor, after floor, after floor. While the building does go vertical, the designs often squander the opportunity to present a vertical design, which results in mediocre crap. This will be more of the same. Not Michigan Street level awful, but nothing great.
  7. Woodland Mall to get $100 Million makeover

    So, have we figured out what is actually happening here yet? So far those pictures show just the facade coming down. Are they actually going to pull down the entire structure as well? That always seemed like an odd move to me versus simply clearing out what is already there and reusing the building, but it will be interest to see what happens as this progresses.
  8. New projects on the West Side

    Like, whoa, man.... Seriously though, it is astonishing to see how much the west side has changed as a result of the project. They really did a fantastic job on New Holland.
  9. Discussions here are at a higher level than you will find most places. The expertise is better, and the feedback is better. There are people here who go to meetings no one else attends, and who get documents no one else bothers to look at. So that's good. As far as the "tone"... Well, just compare it to anything else on the internet, 90% of which is a raging ad hominem hatefest filled with trolls and ogres of all stripes. I reserve the right to dislike anyone's ideas, designs, argument, or even their general outlook on life. I particularly reserve the right to call every other project I see "hideous, amateurish, and little more than a gussied up vertical trailer park with blinky lights, all covered in factory leftover siding." Since, well, an awful lot of them are. But I don't reserve the right to ridicule anyone personally. I think all of us who post here do a fairly good job of drawing that same line in the sand. But maybe I missed something recently. I do have one exception, though. GRDad is a no good rich IVORY COVERED WALLET capitalist pig CAR LOSER nincompoop EARTH KILLER who needs to take his parking ramp GLOBAL WARMING fetish and shove it up his rear. Just because he needs somewhere to park his precious Bentley with DEAD BABY SEAL interior is no reason to make less room for more GAIA FRIENDLY bike lanes for the rest of us. I'll bet that CAR WORSHIPING PSYCHOPATH doesn't even take the bus to work. What a d-ck. Modern cities run and rely on EARTH SAVING bike lanes, 10x20 ECO FRIENDLY studio apartments, copious LIHTC projects for UNDERPRIVILEGED WOMEN AND CHILDREN, SOLAR POWERED fairy dust, and SAVE THE WHALES unicorn farts for their success. Oh, just kidding. Y'alls doing a great job. Even if you may not be as virtuous as this paragraph.
  10. Keeler Building - 56 North Division

    That, or someone didn't like them opening up a corner of the building.
  11. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    Definitely an improvement, but you're right that it's missing something. I'll admit I walked by it and thought "Pioneer town?" Problem is this: It isn't Woodland Mall. Traditionally exteriors were never done in stain because it simply does not last. You end up restaining it every two years. Paint it. It will never look right so long as you try to stain the thing. www.historichousecolors.com will get it right for a few hundred bucks for a color consult. Hit it first with a tannin blocking primer to kill the knots, then apply the paint. Fixed.
  12. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    ... On top of a property tax and income tax issue. The tax rate on rental property is unbelievable. $1300 is a fantasy! That would be a $50,000 house/unit. Try more like $3,000 a year for a place that rents for $900 to $1000 a month. That's $250 a month per unit. Now tack on the $50 a month in city income tax, and you're at $300 in local tax before you even start talking other tax. Each time the city sticks its hand out, it happily screws those who can least afford it the worst.
  13. New projects in East Hills

    I won't criticize this one.. They did wind up in an incredibly better spot compared to that photo. HPC is finally enforcing stuff how it was always supposed to be done. What bothers me though is that they still often miss the forest for the trees. Ugly and out of place megaprojects, while nitpicking the replacement windows or garage door on an $80k house, even if it looks just fine and is almost unnoticeable. They need a "sidewalk" rule ... If the average person cannot tell from the sidewalk that XYZ doesn't belong, it's fine. If XYZ appears not to belong from the sidewalk, redo it.
  14. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    Doesn't really tell you much though about why beyond the superficial. And I'm not sure deceasing the size for a single family home would help that much. Basic square footage is not that expensive, since all square footage does not cost the same. You still have to build all of the most expensive rooms (bathroom and kitchen) and put in all of the expensive mechanical systems no matter the size. Building a house used to mean slapping up walls, putting in a few outlets, cutting some holes for HVAC, tossing in some fiberglass batts, drywalling the thing, and bam you're done. Now, it's a much more technologically involved process involving far more details and skills. Fire caulk, air sealing, ice and water shield, foundation ties, hurricane clips, portal framed garage doors, overframed roofs (ever see an old 2x6 attic collapse? no? Hmm..), vast numbers of circuits and fancy breakers, huge amounts of insulation, blower door testing, 60' wide lots, 24' wide streets, fire rated walls if the houses are spaced close ... It's all tens of thousands of dollars of added cost, labor and materials. Better houses, yes, but now so expensive that the poor/lower middle class cannot them. They get trailers or used up houses. Law of unintended consequences.
  15. New projects in East Hills

    Agreed. You hit everything. Even window sills instead of @#$#&** picture frames! Excellent. A few details I'll PM you with.