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    Amway Center

    I like the new Denver Art Museum. Looks like it should be a futuristic military command building.
  2. It's not about being politically correct. You cannot expect for your statements to be taken seriously however when you start off your sentence the way you did. You have a valid point, and one I happen to agree with, but it just gets eclipsed with the way you referred to that individual. Just something to keep in mind when you express a P.O.V. ;-)
  3. Next time attempt to approach a topic with some level of maturity. This is not High School.
  4. Sad story. I'm glad the city have taken steps to help stabilize and address the issues of that community.
  5. Hello Everyone. Long time lurker first time posting. I find this to be the most exciting project and will be attending the Friday event. I believe just because it wont be a tower does not necessarily mean it will be bland. I think you can have a landmark structure that does not overpower the area that it is in. I hope its architecture is classical with a hint modernism. Kinda like putting Capitol Hill and the Sydney Opera House in a martini shaker and pouring it in to cool looking and elegant martini glass.
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