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  1. That's almost an understatement, Asia is doing much better than other areas, but they will get some competition from Europe in 2010...
  2. bret15

    The Vue

    According to Carlotte's T.V station (WCNC) it says it will be a 50 not 2 25's for info go to www.wcnc.com or www.charlotte.com
  3. As of right now the final height fas not been relased in other countries (here and all others) due to concerns of South Korea's competition, so for all I know this building could possibly be a half mile tall.
  4. Moving to Providence? well, I would consider that before the other 100,000 cities in the US, personally, cities with too much urban sprwal seem horrible!
  5. Great project! I think is should go full force and for surrounding area to become res area.
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