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  1. Any word on anything new? Area around Northside is being cleared fast.
  2. Where are they building it on Schomberg?
  3. Any word on the tenants that will be coming to these projects?
  4. That would be nice! I thought I saw something on city data but I could be wrong. Check out this site, there is a lot of activity on Columbus there. http://www.city-data.com/forum/georgia/
  5. I am sure both markets can support one. I doubt the store in Opelika has nothing to do with the Columbus one. The CPC expansion is still in the "sign-up" phase from what I hear.
  6. Is the nursing home the Muscogee Manor or is that something else? Lately, utility lines have been going in at the old Swift site in Midland. Rumor is that Bass Pro is coming. Any word on that?
  7. Any news on anything lately? Looks like Midland is getting more retail in several locations.
  8. I agree. They have huge ideas but they go nowhere. That is why we need more out of town developers to get things done.
  9. What's the latest on Patriot Walk by the National Infantry Museum. The 102-room Hampton Inn is coming along nicely. Any word on the retail component that is planned?
  10. Five Guys downtown would be nice. Wish we could get a Trader Joes and a P.F. Changs. What's the word on the CPC expansion by Kohl's?
  11. Hope they come. It would be even better if we got an Apple store. Hopefully something will be announced soon on the CPC expansion.
  12. What happened with PeachMac? Last I saw the sign was up. Are they not looking at the market at all? What is the chance that Riverchase gets off of the ground?
  13. Anyone know when the expansion of CPC is going to start? I thought Gander Mountain and several other retailers are ready to move forward?
  14. That sucks. Better than nothing I guess. Just hoping for something over 5 floors. When does construction start?
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