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  1. Does anyone know who the Jazz Club owner or manager will be?
  2. I am a big fan of the Cuban Cafe. I encourage everyone to check it out. It's very nice to have an authentic place like that in town! Where exactly is La Taverna?
  3. Has anyone seen this logo floating around Spartanburg? Love the concept.
  4. I think it would be worth it for the property owner/building owner/leasee/new business/etc to engage the hampton heights neighborhood in that development. Once the businesses that will be there are determined - get the residents in on it the plans at the early stages. They are a very loyal bunch, that wants to see downtown do well and would be willing to really talk up a new business/development and to spend money their themselves. i hope this comes about. it sounds promising.
  5. anyone know the status of the tyger river greenway plans?
  6. Creative Edge -the PR/Design firm - is still in that building. the use both floors for their offices.
  7. This isn't a restaurant, but it's also worth mentioning that C. Edwards Cigars has outdoor seating in the back - it's a courtyard with a nice urban patio feel to it - bordered on all sides by the Palmetto Building apts. YOu can access it from Dunbar Street or from the cigar bar. The bar has wine, beer and bar snacks so it's a perfect place for a warm weather happy hour! Also - Groucho's has outdoor seating (though not the ideal place to take friends to dinner...) With that said.... i feel your pain. When I lived in Austin, I think I could count the number of times that I ate INDOORS on one hand....
  8. I do. And I am not in charge or indifferent, but involved. The best thing that those outside of the city limits could do - is to start their own campaign supporting their area's voluntary annexation into the city (assuming you live somewhere near the metropolitan area). But I don't imagine that happening anytime soon.... I suppose the next best thing is to spend lots and lots of money in city establishments - help keep them alive, which helps make downtown thrive, and adds to the hospitality tax funds, which are reinvested into city growth and downtown revitalization.
  9. Saw the bulldozers out there today. The garage is all but gone - and good riddance to it. Anyone know who owns that lot? if it's going to lay fallow for a while, maybe we can get a temporary dog park there?
  10. let's see.... i think it was provolone and maybe another cheese, but it was REALLY good hearty bread with a roasted tomato spread on it and it was grilled. i highly recommend it.
  11. I tried the Converse Deli out over here on the eastside/downtown area (converse plaza, near talbots, etc). It's promising - i ordered a grilled cheese that was REALLY good. they call it the grown-up grilled cheese. Hope that they can become a fixture.
  12. A pedicab it is.... a local guy owns it and let us take it down to the market on a few saturdays in 2006. the market pic is from the magnolia street market - taken in 2008.
  13. and while i'm at it... here's another fun one...
  14. here's a photo of the day from spartanburg's farmers market....
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