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  1. Looks like a prime location for a Trader Joe's due to proximity and demographic of U of A, the makeup of the people, and the city itself. It would be a mess traffic wise, but keeping the people in that general would bode well - especially if there were public transportation to and from the area.
  2. I heard from a friend in real estate that Top Golf was indeed looking at real estate for a location, and I'm sure they've done all the feasibility studies for them to strongly consider NWA. This of course is about 6 month old news, but I'm hopeful that her real estate company knows more than the average joe.
  3. I've had friends ask me about Alaska Airlines flight out of XNA, is there any truth to this? I did one search online and saw that they start offering flights mid December, but I cant find any press release. I see it going to the major hubs @ DFW, ORD, IAH, and LAX. Just wanted to confirm with anyone in the know and that it wasn't being operated by a current carrier as a 3rd party contractor (which would make no sense).
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but it looks like Dave and Buster's is coming to the Promenade area. This is the address I have for it. Rogers, AR 2203 Promenade Blvd Rogers Rogers, AR 72758 Rogers, AR
  5. Dave and Buster's coming to town it looks. This is the address I have for it. Rogers, AR 2203 Promenade Blvd Rogers Rogers, AR 72758
  6. Trane is closing their doors in Fort Smith and is laying off the final 250 workers at the plant. It's sad to see what was once a prominent place in the manufacturing industry turn into what many would call a part of the "Rust Belt." The city has abled-skilled-blue collar workers, but there's no jobs coming here. http://5newsonline.com/2017/02/13/trane-manufacturing-facility-closing-in-fort-smith/ This town has lost Trane, Core Microbrewery, and now TV5 (which is amazing that they'd leave their core viewership, but it shows you the direction that Fort Smith is going compared to NWA),
  7. Dixie Cafe and Springrolls are also closed in Fayetteville. Or atleast it appears that way.
  8. Hate that HuHot's is gone- I do think that Genghis Grill had much better flavor. I just noticed this today, but it looks as if the Dixie Cafe's days were finally numbered as it is gone. Springrolls which was a Vietnamese Bistro right about Jason's Deli closed down also. It sad to see these places go because the empty establishments are just not pretty, but hopefully someone sees an opportunity and capitalizes off of it.
  9. Texas Roadhouse looks to be opening up its doors probably by October. It should do fairly well as Fort Smith tends to like the chain eateries And the location is very accessible. It will be going in the parking lot where the K-Mart used to be(currently Hank's Fiiiiiine Furniture) on the intersection of Rogers Ave. and South 74th St. Now if only that town can get something to entertain the locals....
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