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  1. It's Marshall's/TJMaxx, A gym (was supposed to be Gold's Gym), and the 3rd spot hasn't been occupied yet.
  2. I'll have to disagree with you. I went there this past Saturday with my wife, kids, and friends in tow. They were busy and I chalk it up to that. But the girl pulling duty at the hostess station was the rudest damn thing I've met in a very long time. I stood there for a solid 10 minutes and she must have walked by me at least half a dozen times and finally after I stopped her and asked "Are you the hostess? Can I put my name on the list?" She barked at me with "It's going to 45 minutes, I can't help you". I've known the owner for quite some time. I hope he heeded my advice to take that
  3. The reason why it became an "outlet" location was because the Nike Outlet store opening up in the Promenade initially went to Rees Development to locate their store next to Best Buy. The Sports Authority folks fought it tooth and nail because they knew it was a threat and consequently decided to go with the "outlet" title. I'm right there with you. Academy beats their tail and I wish they'd put something better in that space.
  4. One wall of the Wal-Mart and about 50% of the structural steel is up. Opening date is tentatively scheduled for early Fall 2010.
  5. Right now, there's only one guy that knows that answer, the guy that bought the property. He is not going to tell you anything.
  6. I would have to agree with this point. One of my first posts to this forum was in criticism of Park Plaza...and I got hammered for it. There are still plenty of people that not only support Park Plaza, but want it thriving as much as possible. Now with Midtown built and Strode making some headway with Park Avenue, I think the Midtown corridor is just that much stronger in being solidified as one of the best (if not the best) retail cornerstones of the city. Red is a very well connected retail developer and fully capable of attracting Apple to one of their developments. But the density in Chena
  7. ...gonna be sooner than 12 months IMO. They are actively negotiating. I agree that they wouldn't be a good fit @ Midtown, not big enough. But in all fairness, they are located in a similar center in Bartlett, TN outside Memphis.
  8. The Zaxby's is a done deal. Just a matter of when they break ground. They will have competition because there's a chicken place going in across the street at Rowan Village. Panera is a done deal too. But the developer (or the receiver now) has to build the shell for them to move in. When that will go up is anyone's guess. Cheddar's was also a done deal but they may have walked already.
  9. Sorry to be confusing. From what I understood, Forever 21 was not doing as well as hoped and had made mention of moving to a smaller space in the mall or to a different location all together. The "electronics/specialty" tenant believed to be Apple was eyeing that particular spot (where Forever 21 was and currently is) in Park Plaza. This was a year ago. I am not privy to ongoing negotiations with Park Plaza but I do know that there has been talk about Apple at Park Plaza or Park Avenue within the last six months. All of my sources are local and are telling me the exact same story. So I would b
  10. Yes. Sorry I get the two stores mixed up. The Forever21 store is the one I am referring to.
  11. I'm not privy to current negotiations at this exact moment but I am aware that there was an "electronics/specialty" tenant looking to occupy the Wet Seal location on the bottom floor of Park Plaza. This was about a year ago. Probably can't say more than that.
  12. It's probably going to an exact copy of their latest prototype which is off white block/split faced block with brick and dryvit offsets. Pretty much gonna be the same ol same ol Wal Mart. Ugh. The short answer to that question is, Whatever the heck Wal-Mart wants.
  13. I think that there are some nationwide tenants, especially restaurants, that were supposed to show contingent on Wal-Mart breaking ground. Perhaps some of those leases or land purchases have no disappeared but some of them are still intact. The receiver is supposed to take hold of the project next month. I second with Architect's point that Wal-Mart broke the developer on this project...and that the presence of Wal-Mart diminished its overall appeal from what we all initially hoped would be something better. It was unethical for Wal-Mart to wait this long, downright wrong. From what I know, so
  14. I believe they did have a signed lease but it was contingent on certain factors (occupancy, specific tenants, etc) that Red was unable to deliver on. So Apple walked from the initial agreement.
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