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  1. Where are the new Greek houses located? What do the planned Huger St. improvements consist of? TIA.
  2. The building that used to house the Firm (near to the Exxon gas station) is being demolished. Any concrete plans as to what will be built in its place?
  3. Rumor is that the Hardees will be converted to a Chic-fil-a
  4. dobboard


    Exactly what I was thinking when I read the article this morning.
  5. dobboard


    Horizon II...the building that refuses to be built!!
  6. Very nice picture of the Meridan and First Citizens buildings.
  7. dobboard


    There has been talk of this happening for quite some time. I can not wait to see the renderings of the new school. I hope the two buildings (graduate and undergrad) are not too modern and incorporate elements of the Horseshoe in their design, much like the National Advocacy Center across campus.
  8. I agree and will pose this question again...is there a timetable for the scaping of the final four blocks to begin?
  9. Some great shots on this page. Kudos!
  10. dobboard


    Good to hear. Any idea if there are plans to bury the power lines along the Horizon block? That area (Horizon, Addesso, Honors Dorm) has gone through a major transformation and would really look quite stunning if not for the mess of tangled lines that front the various buildings (especially Horizon I and Horizon II).
  11. Is there any timetable (rough estimate) as to when the final four blocks of Main Street streetscaping project will begin? They really need to get the powerlines buried along the last couple of blocks.
  12. Considering what was demolished, and what will be built on the site, this is a great addition to Gervais Street. Good news.
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