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  1. Did anyone else happen to notice the loss of one of the last actual lived-in houses along 28th Street? It was located between Madison and Eastern on the south side next to Courtesy Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep and is now a site for displaying Jeep products. The only reason I bring this up is it seemed like that lot had just about the only natural tree left on 28th - of course, it's since been cut down. The only other prominent tree I can recall is in between BD's Mongolian BBQ and Toyota of Grand Rapids. Just think about how different 28th would appear with a nice stately canopy...
  2. Thanks for the correct spelling (Farrell's). No wonder I wasn't able to find anything by googling Faro's! Those weblinks brought back a lot of wonderful memories... I still miss Cheddar's (5 years gone now) for their food and casual atmosphere; unfortunately, their service grew worse near the end as they fell victim to increased competition up and down 28th St. Bring back Mountain Jack's!!
  3. The new strip mall at 28th and Broadmoor will include a Jared's Jewelers, All Care Dental and other professional offices. http://www.mlive.com/grandrapids/stories/i....xml&coll=6 As much as it's fun to watch the big toys moving dirt for the new Menard's, I'm saddened that another hole will be created in Centerpointe Mall (and require me to patronize Lowe's even more). Any news on what might be coming to fill in the old Linen's & Things, Klingman's and Menard's? Also, Chi-Chi's was never in the old Greek/Schlotzsky's/A&W building - it was located where Seoul Garden is now.
  4. What's the consensus on this development? Gentrification / student takeover of the historic lower West Side? An unwanted neighborhood intrusion? Opening Pandora's Box to further speculation? A great buffer from parking / university buildings? Just about the best investment that could be hoped for in this tired area? http://www.mlive.com/grpress/business/inde...s_apartmen.html
  5. I totally agree. The "ethnic" replacements haven't done anything close to the business the old Miller's did. Whatever opens there hopefully will include ice cream - it's a no-brainer.
  6. No, unfortunately Alger Heights Foods (nee Fulton Heights) remains closed, seemingly for good. What's sadder is the lack of vocal community support for its replacement. When Boorsma's closed, there was a lot of energy put in to getting another store (Fulton Heights, as it turned out) opened as soon as possible. And compare this to all the support for Alger Hardware after their fire! The two stores used to bouy each other up, but I haven't heard anything about an Alger Heights Foods replacement.
  7. Thanks for your clarification. Politics aside, I concur that this phenomenal project will be a showpiece structure at our own "ground zero". Cummings & Co. are to be commended for their persistence in obtaining the necessary financing in this market.
  8. Why is it almost presumed that UICA members/supporters/activists are not likely to also attend the McCain/Palin rally - in fact are assumed to want to actively demonstrate against the GOP?
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