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  1. For fans of inexpensive Chinese-made tools, Harbor Freight has a coming soon banner up on the old Books a Million store on West Broad in the Westland Shopping Center.
  2. From what I know, the older, more established stores in places like PA and NY are smaller than what they've recently been building. The one by my folk's place in Hunt Valley, MD was their biggest when it opened several years ago. 140,000 sq. ft. ! I believe most of their new stores are all in the same size range. There's one in Fredericksburg which is the same size and not terribly far away. Was up there last weekend and I can say that I never in my life thought I'd be excited about a grocery store, but there you have it.
  3. A couple weeks ago, I heard a rumor from a friend, who knows someone, who knows someone else that's supposedly in commercial refrigeration and said that Wegman's was looking for land in Richmond and Charlottesville. Well, I don't place much stock in "friend of a friend" rumors, but wouldn't you know it, C'ville is getting a Wegman's: http://www.nbc29.com/story/18647390/wegmans-announces-plans-to-come-to-albemarle So, I'm kind of thinking (hoping) that if they're going to drive trucks down 95 and out 64, they might as well make stop somewhere in Richmond along the way.
  4. And the Fro-yo bubble continues to grow. "...plan to open Mix It, a self-serve frozen yogurt and cereal bar, in the West Broad Village shopping center in March. And the venture hopes selling bowls of cereal as well as fro-yo will give it a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded market." From today's Richmond Biz Sense: http://www.richmondbizsense.com/2012/01/27/more-fro-yo-in-the-mix
  5. Agreed and IMO people are fickle about their desserts so it's only a matter of time until the market "right sizes". Here are some other entrants into the market: Beriberry in Commons Center Plaza in Chesterfield (coming soon) Yapple right next to the Carrytown Sweet Frog and in Willow Lawn (announced) I thought there was a Moonberry in Mechanicsville very near the Sweetfrog, but a search did not come up with a Moonberry location nearby. I know a co-worker told me he would go to someplace else when the line at Sweetfrog was too long and he had a frequent buyer card from t
  6. I believe the sign I saw out front today said it was a Value Place, which I presume is one of these:
  7. I ate at BURGER WORKS near Innsbrook yesterday. They're occupying a spot at the opposite end of the stip mall that has the Panera and right next to Chipotle. Interestingly, that spot has been vacant for as long as the center has been open which by my estimation is at least 5 years, but probably even longer. According to the cashier, they opened on Monday. I've tried to do some research on them online and other than their ABC license application, I found nothing. Based on that I'm assuming it's a new concept. Anyway, they're a typical burger joint but they do seem to be focus
  8. Ignore - double post. Board was acting wonky earlier.
  9. BUZ & NEDS REAL BARBECUE's second location is about to continue construction which has been halted for more than a year. The new location will be in the West End on Broad near Parham in the old Fudrucker's location. http://www.richmondbizsense.com/2011/06/23/slow-cooked-construction/
  10. Richmond BizSense has an article on THE WHITE ANCHOVIE: Bringing downtown flavor to Short Pump I ate there the other night. I had the scallops with roasted red peper sauce along with roasted fingerling potatoes. Everything was excellent. My dining partners split the lasagna and a side of asparagus which the also liked. My bill with 2 draft beers ($6 each) came to just over $50 w/ tip. So, it's not cheap but it was very good. I hope they do ok, but the location is really horrible. Not only are they a down a bit on Lauderdale, but they are also tucked into a corner in a shopping
  11. My girlfriend and I went there tonight. The restaurant is in 3 sections - a large smoking section with a large bar w/ maybe a dozen or two seats, a smaller non-smoking section with a bar - maybe 8 or 10 seats, and another room called "Augies Cafe" that looks like it can be a function room as well. Apparently Augies will open in a week or two and will offer breakfast. We sat at the smaller non-smoking bar and our bartender told us they would also open up the Augie's section when it got busy. According to the schedule we saw, they have music almost every Wed, Thur, Fri, and Sat with Kar
  12. Apparently KEAGANS is now open. Looks like they beat "May".... but two years later Linkage:
  13. Richmond BizSense is reporting that Plaza Azteca, a Mexican restaurant chain out of Newport News, will take over the former Max and Erma's spot on Broad St. in front of the Westin. http://www.richmondbizsense.com/2010/05/28/reynolds-crossing-restaurant-lands-new-tenant/
  14. Maybe, but the site was most recently an "American Cafe" which closed some time ago and the property has been empty for a while. It's in the same shopping center ad Buffalo Wild Wings.
  15. It is what it is. They already have a location in Newport News.
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