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  1. A2

    Bank of America - Merrill Lynch Merger

    ^^^I would bet on #2's chance of becoming a reality. I think we are already half way there and if the common shares can dwindle to nothing they (The Gov't) could take a bridge bank and roll all bad assets off and convert current Bond Holders of the newly formed shell into ones that would retain a pure Equity stake. This would be almost a carbon copy of what Bill Seidman did in 1991 with the S&L dibacle. That, IMO, would be the best way to just get on with it already. That would mean for many large banks an equity price of $0.00 (and yes I am referring to the Big ones, including our Beloved BofA). Again, I am hoping above all hope that the tide is turned regarding Nationalization, but something tells me we are heading there, we are just doing it in tiny steps. (ie monsoons scenario of "Nationalization by a 1000 cuts"). As for the trade, I agree this is Vegas at the moment and without the proper "know how" you can lose and lose big. I am just hinting that we are going to get an oversold bounce (that should be quite large), before the downward trend begins again in a few weeks/months from now. AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE: This is just my opinion, and we all know that opinions are like noses, everybody's got one (unless your Michael Jackson, sorry I had too ). Do your own homework, before tackling any substantial trades or investments. Once the Nationalization is realized, the next Big thing (ode to Doug Smith) will be a concern that will dwarf this current Financial Crisis. It will be a massive Currency Crisis, which will make this mess, seem like a walk in the park. Be Prepared as many a boyscout have said. A2
  2. A2

    Bank of America - Merrill Lynch Merger

    Quite freaky, eh????!!!! Exactly One month to the Day. You have to love Technical Analysis. Jan 20 BAC was 6+bucks (and many thought could not go lower), however fast forward to today, BAC's low was 2.53. Just shorting would have allowed you to more than double your $$$. Now it is time to play the bounce. I am going to contradict my month old quote and submit that I think Nationalization will be postponed. If this is the case (which I am banking on, pun intended), then we are about to get the Mother of all Bear market rallies in the Financials. A2
  3. Lol, no worries adelosky. I am just a data geek and your post helped to get some hard data to the thread. It is great discussion material and what makes UP a great forum for us to debate freely and respectfully. I think we need to be prodded to ask questions and provide stats when asked. If not, we become pumpers of misinformation, which serves nobody, but the pumpers who like to see themselves in writing acting as if whatever they spew is the Gospel. A2 ps---Keep up the great posts, because your comments are actually thought provoking, and help us all to learn even more.
  4. A2

    North Carolina Intercity Rail Transit

    I concur voyager12...It seems that a high speed line that runs parallel to I-85 makes a ton of Economic sense. I would run it from ATL (possibly as far SW as Auburn/Opelika, AL), and run it straight up to Richmond (thus serving many of the major Urban Centers in the Carolinas) . I-85 is a MAJOR corridor, and one of the fastest growing in the entire US (if not THE fastest). A2 ps---I know I would add to the ridership. Even though I am now in ATL, I still visit CLT quite a bit for Business and the In-laws ...
  5. As for total passengers O'Hare had just over 74.9M passengers served (2007 Stats), while Hartsfield clocked in over 92.6M. Midway served around 18M passengers in 2007. You would have to add both passenger counts of both O'Hare and Midway to get the numbers that Hartsfield serves as a single entity. As for NYC, ALL airports in their metro including JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark, served 107M in total (07' stats). So it would take all of the aiports in NYC to get close to the same number that Hartsfield does in one year. (and remember that is Three MAJOR airports vs. One) Dallas is not even close, with only 56M Passengers served. As for additional airports in the city of ATL, there are many. Dekalb-Peachtree Airport is the 2nd busiest in the state of GA (including Macon, Savannah, and Columbus). That is VERY impressive when you consider the scope and size of the world's busiest airport is right down the street. Outside of Hartsfield and Dekalb Peachtree, there are many other smaller ones. These are some that I know of, partly because my Dad used to be a pilot. (I might be missing one or two other private ones, so please anyone that knows please feel free to edit my list): Dobbins Air Reserve Base (Atlanta Naval Air Station) (KMGE)*** Fulton County Airport at Charlie Brown Field (KFTY) McCollum Field (KRYY) Briscoe Field (KLZU) Cartersville Airport (KVPC) Mathis Airport (GA27) Stoney Point Airfield
  6. A2

    Bank of America - Merrill Lynch Merger

    Enron... BofA shares are not worth the paper they are printed on. See ya at 2 bucks soon. Sorry guys, but I call it like I see em'. Quite frankly it is almost a good short. If one wanted to go long BofA (which is suicidal), you might want some of what Uncle Sam owns and that would be the preferred shares. Otherwise this is just a sinking ship getting ready to be a quasi-ran Gov't Institution (ie Nationalized). It is truly a sad state of affairs. Even as bearish as I have been over the last two years, I would have never predicted the shear speed in which BofA is falling from Grace. It is truly sureal. (Geez, I can't wait to see how the Senate Banking Committee does with the place. My ol' pal B. Frank sure looks like the definition of a banking CEO....lol! ) PS----Over the last nine years the best asset class out there is one: G-O-L-D. Even with the markets falling their worst in generations, Gold actually posted gains for 08', making it the ninth year in a row, with annulized returns of over 16%. For the last six of those, I have been ridiculed and practically tarred and feathered for mentioning the Barbaric relic in the Industry in which I work. But in the end Gold is no one elses liability, unlike all the fiat currency that is floating around choking the very essence of a healthy monetary system. As for the Financials (including Wells Fargo, don't bet the farm that they will make it out of this for many years, if at all). As for the market the number ALL must now watch is 741 on the S&P. If broken WE WILL SEE 500-600 on the S&P, which would equate to another brutal sell off. You were warned...(Get Liquid, Get out of Debt, and Pray that our Country can survive what is looking at us head on) FWIW, I am currently long the market with 30% of my holdings, praying for an ever elusive Obama Bounce, but we will see. Got Gold????
  7. A2

    Buckhead District Developments

    Ahhh, that clears things up a bit and makes sense. I just want to make sure we get our swoop. Thanks for the quick response LC. A2
  8. A2

    Buckhead District Developments

    LC, why do you think they would have a topping ceremony when they are still lacking the ornamental triangular top? Perhaps it is even occupiable space, but in every angle I come in contact with, I notice there is no work going verticle with the triangular piece. Any thoughts???? I sure hope we don't end up with a simple flat roof. I was really hoping for some nice design in the Alliance Center Complex. A2
  9. Score One for Lee Myers! A2
  10. A2

    The Vue

    In my journey up to CLT from ATL for the Holidays (Had to see the inlaws ) ,I noticed how far this puppy has come up. I am amazed at the progress and pleased that this was able to rise from the Earth before all hell breaks loose in the markets (still predicting horrid times into 09' and on through 2011). I am thankful that of all the condos that have run into trouble, that this was not one impacted , as it will have possibly the most impact on the Skyline of any. Great Pics InitialD! Happy Holidays to all ! A2 (Sorry I have not been posting lately, I have been swamped with work as of late. Still lurk though when possible.)
  11. A2

    Metro Atlanta Projects.

    Say it aint so...Bad Move IMO. Keep the stadium downtown, and use the Doraville land for dense multi use development (office, retail, and resedential). This is an outrage and should ousted immediately as a viable plan. Not to mention the fact that Sembler is the lead dog in the hunt for developing this land. Gimme a break !!! A2
  12. A2

    Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    Given the size in the model, it looks like it is going to be one tall bldg. It will easily jocky for skyline prominance if this rendering is even close to accurate. Any clues if this redering is to scale??? A2
  13. A2

    Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    Boxy, but all-in-all a Be-A-U-tiful Building!!! (I will still be amazed if they are able to pull it off in such a tough market, but ATL never disapoints even in the toughest of markets. Even in the duldrums of the 70"s ATL was making waves) A2
  14. A2

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    ^^^Now that is what I call Carolina Blue! ^^^ Awesome Shots!!! A2
  15. A2

    Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    Preach Brother, Preach !!! I second that motion teshadoh! A2