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  1. yup....just the $$$ thing. If they had they money, I would be seriously adding them to the list of contenders.
  2. this I would agree with....This is at least logical. Of course, I am not a fan either, I could make a case for CLT too as I am sure you know I could, but I am getting off of the soap bax here. I think most posters would agree that outside of ATL and CLT that is it. If Daytona were still running they would be a STRONG contender though. 10-4 over and out ryances...
  3. if ihaven't said it before, please allow me to do so now atlrvr: YOU DA' MAN !!! B)
  4. I agree dubone. I don't like the "line" that the mcdowell street bldgs form. I am wanting DENSITY. (ie multiple bldgs with differnet heights. It adds great depth to a row of bldgs currently out of date and place IMHO) Density or Bust....
  5. makes sense....When you say there will be an announcement soon...Are we talkin' a few weeks, months??? (sorry to be such a pest, but I know you have you hand on the pulse of this type of thing atlrvr, and I am an impatient person )
  6. where would they put it atlrvr??? (more office that is???)
  7. YEAH !!! Give us just a clue Atlrvr. Just a small one. (pretty please) The suspense is killing me...
  8. A2

    The Vue

    no that is what people in Miami do....(just kidding)
  9. Thanks for this head's up. I am going to do that this afternoon. I live very close to this intersection and it drives me absolutely mad. BTW, any word on those annexation figures. I figure this will send us into the top 20 in population with ease, and qualify us for more in the way of federal funding for rail projects and such?
  10. On a side note. I hate that traffic light there. I have drove through at all times of day and night and they always give the people who work there the SAME TIME as the other lights (even at 2 in the morning). C'mon traffic engineers get it together. Geez. I see Sharon get soooo backed up and for what. Got to hate it.
  11. I think MC is referring to the train car (or Caboose) on Sharon across from the mall. I think that is what you are reffering to MC??? Am I right on this???
  12. I would love to see that SR. I am just curious though, do you think they built the deck w/ future development in mind (for example could it support a 8, 10, or perhaps 15 story structure on top) ?I think it would be a serious compliment and be quite successful.
  13. A2


    Since sales went so well @ Courtside, I wish they (boulevard Centro) would go back for a re-zoning before the council and get Courtside to top out in the thirty story range. (wouldn't that be grand)
  14. AWESOME SHOT !!! (ok, now I am jealous)
  15. why smelly cat, I believe you are right. I am not going to fret the whole KC thing. It is ATL that has me a bit more concerned. Even with ATL in the mix I feel that CLT will come away the victor. BTW, do you own the Smelly Cat in Noda ??? (not to get off topic of course)...
  16. haha. I would agree seems a bit cynical....
  17. Just got back from the unveiling of the HOF....I believe we ARE going to get this thing. Hands down. The ceremony is going on in the Wachovia Atriums I type...
  18. Could not agreee with you more. (on both points). I feel that KC is smoking something (I am not sure what). Atlanta is our biggest threat. They have the corporate clout to steal this thing on that one point alone. I think there 1M visitor projection is about right though. I think CLT is being conservative with there #'s. If you are going to win NASCAR approval you have to do it with Money and Numbers (I am speaking of potential visitors). I am keeping my fingers crossed, but my gut says we will get. I don't think NASCAR would be so cold as to turn their back on the city that really put them on thye map (outside of maybe Talladega and maybe Daytona)
  19. THIS IS HUGE !!!! BTW, I work Uptown, just got back from lunch Speedstreet is a total success. I walked about ten blocks and there has to be 50,000 people down there. (and it's only 1:30). I think this is really awesome for the economy. I am NOT a big Nascar fan, but believe the HOF should be here. I am not being partial just because I live in CLT. I am saying it because it makes sense. NASCAR was born here. The only other place that I think deserves the HOF would be Daytona. KC, Michigan, and others simply do not deserve it. I think if NASCAR chooses another city other that CLT it will be a much harder pill for us (CLT) to swallow. Any other city that has there hopes up in getting it would not be nealry as dumbfounded and dissapointed if they lost out (ie If Atlanta loses out...whoopty-doo. They already have a ton of stuff to do and an array of tourist attractions and their tax base is already two times the size of CLT.). CLT is putting up the money, the land, and the fan base. If CLT loses the deal, I think it will totally devestate this city. I mean big time.
  20. not to get off subject, but Ho's Ho's was great....Thanks again for the tip. Can't wait to see what will happen with the ol' Adam's Mark.
  21. thanks for the link. I knew I had read of it somewhere.
  22. http://www.piedmonttowncenter.com/Docs/Demographics.pdf Check out the demographics a five mile radius. There will be almost a quarter million people within that area. I think that speaks volumes about what kind of things will happen in SP (from a development perspective)
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