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  1. schopperX I told you that you would have a hairy mounth! A2
  2. This is great news. I was doubtful that this tower would see the light of day (or at least would be built further out into the future, perhaps 2-4 years out). I think it is absolutely in a superb location to capture skyline views, plus you get the benefit of living within walking distance to Freedom Park, Midtown, and Center City. What not to love??? A2
  3. Yeah, I was simply amazed at how fast that went. One day a we had a huge heaping mound of twisted steel and crumbled concrete, the next a wonderful blank canvas on which to erect a beautiful skraper. (Those guys were good and have demo and clean up down to a science) A2
  4. I would think so. It seems like anytime there is a deck involved there is a needed emphasis on "preparing it" to become a part of the larger project. One only needs to look at how The Park had to work on the deck before they could start erecting steel. Now maybe there situation was unique and required more work, but I feel like some work would first have to be done on the deck in order to shore it up for another 30+ story office tower!!!! Yippee!!!! I am getting more excited as I type. A2
  5. ^^^All of the units have now been moved. Looks like things are going to start getting a lot more interesting on this construction site. I am getting really geared up to see how the engineers incorporate the deck into the building. It will be kind of nice to see it all happen "live" (or as close to live as one can get) via our little buddy Mr. Web Cam. (Isn't Technology grand?! ) A2
  6. Does anone know why work has abruptly stopped on the site??? I have seen no activity in two weeks and counting. I know that they have had the area fenced off for about a month, and demolished what needed be town down. But ever since the groundbreaking there has been NO activity, plus there is no Heavy equipment on site which used to be there just a few days ago. Are news???? A2
  7. A2

    The Vue

    I hear ya man!!! In all seriousness Trump is looking. I don't know if it will be the tallest or not, just know that he has an alias and that the guy is serious about Charlotte. I certainly would hate for you to have a hairy tounge schmopperX... A2
  8. A2

    The Vue

    nothing..... A2
  9. If the airport is such a vital part of the Charlotte economy, why is not more demanded in the way of technology improvements? It seems real silly that the Mayor, J.Orr, and all of the other cronies in Gov't make such a fuss as to how the airport is so critical to the continued growth of Charlotte and the region, but want put up any investment dollars in improving their web site. This is simple maintaince that can go a looooong way. This lack of maintence is just spill over from all of the other projects that seem to be so neglected that the airport looks like it was designed in the 1970's and never got an upgrade. A2
  10. I simply don't understand why people will put up a fight for the Coffee Cup and not the Old Duke Power HQ which was nearly a century old. I did not particulary like the Duke bldg, but nor do I particulary like the Coffee cup (except for the food). While I am all behind saving historic pieces of real estate it seems Charlotte's historic buildings have gone the way of the Do Do Bird and are not making a come back in my lifetime. At this point any attempt at saving the coffee cup is just a raod block to a development that is going to happen regardless and add countless people to a Downtown that is on the cusp of becoming a "Real City". Please understand that I am all for preservation, but why is it that we pick and choose what is preserved. I grew up in a city, where new and old thrive together. Unfortunately that is not the case in Charlotte and it never will be. The best we can hope for is that we keep many of the Mills in the Southend and NoDa districts. I am somewhat perplexed of why so many come out in opposition of a developer that is wanting develop multiple acres in a total desolate part of the city (I mean there is nothing around the Coffee Cup, nothing), and couldn't give two cents about other historic structures that are being torn down all accross town, that could be redevloped into interesting store fronts or residents. What gives UPer's??? A2 (ps---Thanks for the Update Conformity)
  11. A2

    The Vue

    cinco is there something you would like to share with the group??? A2
  12. A2

    The Vue

    Seems like a vast expanse of real estate NVQ (with bldg's from 6th to Stonewall except for the "hole" between 2nd/MLK and 3rd)...Anywho, you are really keeping us UPers up in arms on what is to happen next. If we are really, really good UPers will you give us just a hint. (By the way, I don't know who you are or what you do, but your calls are spot on. Keep the info spicket running) A2
  13. ^^While many here might like Morrison, I am a bit disappointed. I live accross from this project, and thought that the it seemed very nice and dense, but was set back waaaay to far from Colony. I am still wondering what will take shape on the corner of Colony and Sharon as it is just a large vacant parcel. It would have seemed that if this were a "phased in" project that you would want to have the first phase built to house retail on one of the busiest intersections in SouthPark. As for a grade I would give it a B-. It is overall a dense qausi-urban development that has some aesthetic qualities, but it still has yet to become a beacon of hope in an otherwise car-centric neighborhood. It is going to take ten fold this type of development to really change things. I am hopeful that in time Southpark will morph into something more Urban. Let's make sure that when we do build these " Urban Developments" in SP we do it closer to the street to sheild more parking lots, and create more of an Urban synergy. (sorry Atlrvr, I know you like Morrison) A2
  14. ^^^I also with throw in that I expect First Charter to be the bank seeking this space. Just seems to fit. A2
  15. Within the next 6 months I imagine the first retailers will open for biz. The exterior of the bldg is near completion. Just working on the "guts" now. A2
  16. Technically we are already bankrupt. I want go into the why, but let's just say the Gov't has cooked the books. A2
  17. I am happy with all the aspects with respect to Epicenter. However, I am still HIGHLY doubtful about the tower. I used to be very confident, but as time marches on, I have heard more and more rumors about how this portion of the project might be doomed. I guess I will believe it when I see it. I have my doubts that a firm with NO experience in high rise constructiion can manage to pull off a 50 story high rise in 12-18 months time (even if it is a box). A2
  18. Not quite. They still have some 2 bedroom, 2 bath units they are looking to unload. A2
  19. Novare needs no sales to actually start, but my hunch is that they will use the current sales center that they are marketing The Avenue from. The timing would be ideal to start marketing as soon as the Avenue is nearing completion and there would be no need to seek out an additional space, if they stand pat. A2
  20. A2

    The Vue

    Does anyone care to comment on where we stand on Groundbreaking? I actually have marked my calender for April 1 for this project to "officially" start, as this is what I was told from a source. Any others care to take a stab at a date???? A2
  21. I concur. If one is looking to make money than office is the way to do it IMO. A2
  22. If we are talking only residential than scratch all that I posted as it is worthless. If I were Trump I would look at a mixed use tower as that would be a perfect fit, but I am not so I will leave it up to him. A2
  23. Actually there are five Starbucks inside of the loop Uptown. This is all in an 1.5 by 1.5 mile area. However, the main reason for this is due simply to provide some caffinated pleasures to the worker ants Uptown. Outside of the Uptown area I have to agree that Starbucks usually limits such a high concentrartion of shops in a limited area unless it is a MUCH larger city. A2
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