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    NCFC Soccer Stadium

    I'm a Durhamite and admittedly know next to nothing about Wake County transit - but was there ever a planned rail station component to this site before? Are the stadium developers interested by that/pushing for it/hoping against it? It looks to be about 3/4of a mile from Union Station. Is a northern rail corridor totally dead?
  2. asedmonds

    Urban Apartment Boom (Durham)

    The Durham City/County Planning Department has a flash-based web map up, called Development Tracker. I wish it more simply displayed the major projects, like you have outlined, but I don't think the general public is the natural audience. Still, you should find it useful. The Greenfire project across from the bus station is now listed as a 208-unit project. Ah, Greenfire. It just makes me sad to think of them anymore.
  3. asedmonds

    Durham Athletic Park & area redevelopment

    The JJ Henderson Towers were built in 1976 as public housing for elderly Durhamites, hence their Brutalist appearance. Additionally, the old Heart of Durham motel was sited not here, but rather 5 blocks north and one block east. The current Durham bus station occupies this parcel. Both sites were formerly occupied by impressive residences of impressive local citizens. Learn more about each location at the fantastic blog Endangered Durham. --ASE. JJ Henderson Towers site old Heart of Durham site