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    Just confirmed on ZOMUSA website that they will be apartments.
  2. Speaking of Maitland...anyone seen this new project in Maitland...www.solismaitland.com
  3. reguy


    I think ZOM will have a tough time in this market selling 400+ units being "stick built". I love the location but think they should go rental especially with sooo many units.
  4. Drove by the Oasis sales center on Saturday and the flags are down and so are the steps to get into the trailer. I don't think they ever got their sales; but if you go in Klein's website it says that it is under construction. I think Oasis went to apartments like their project next door, Dwell.
  5. Thanks GRS328. I am having someone check into the Oasis sales.
  6. Has anyone heard how sales at Oasis and The Trevi are going? I haven't seen a car at Oasis for a while now.
  7. reguy

    The VUE

    Thank you everyone for the welcome! orlandouprise...Kodsi is not deveoping the twin towers (The Ivanhoe Towers) it is GDC...and I don't think Turner is the contractor for the Verde.
  8. reguy

    The Plaza

    Does Solaire have their CO's? If so, how many units have they closed on? I know it sold out fast, but I've heard that they have lost many contracts because many buyers/speculators got nervous with the Orlando real estate market
  9. reguy

    The VUE

    Was there a mention of The Verde in this thread? If not, it sure is on Orlandonatives mind...The Verde I think or the Ivanhoe Towers are going to be apartments...Does anyone know if they will be for sale or for rent? Also, if The Verde becomes an actual project should we start a separte thread and not discuss it on the VUE board?
  10. orlandonative you are right....just trying to be more specific... I've seen topics for Altamonte, Winter Park etc. but it soes seem like Maitland has many projects under way. Does any one know how the following projects are doing? -Ravinia -The Trevi -Oasis -The Village of Lake Lilly
  11. reguy

    55 West

    Does anyone know what the latest sales numbers are @ 55W?
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