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  1. Thats a great drawing and original master plan for the north campus saint francis hospital long range master plan.Do you have any idea when it will be built.And will it be a hospital or will it just be a tiny doctors office. If it's a hospital I hope they build it tall enough to see it from the interstate I hope it will be as large as there current hospital on manchester expressway known as saint francis hospital it would be so cool riding down interstate I185 and seeing a large 6 story medical office building rising into the air.
  2. Is this the actual photo of the roundabout in columbus.
  3. mitchella81 when are you going to update us on some new pictures.Because were kinda behind on new pictures in the columbus photo of the day thread.When you get the chance could you ride down I185 interstate in columbus where there widening it and take some pictures of it because i would like to see how far they have gotton on it.Its been a while since i have rode over toward that way.So i would like to see some pictures of it and see how the widdening project is coming along.thanks
  4. mitchella81 when will the freeway camercas be installed on interstate i185 if they have already been installed then what website can you go to to see them.
  5. Oh and does anybody know when the multi million dollar with the woodruff company is going to get started if im correct its going to be in south columbus.I watched the columbus city coucil meeting online last week and it was supposed to be approved by city council in two weeks does anybody know if it got approved i pretty sure it did because all the city council were pleased,excited and amazed by it.
  6. any new projects or developments in columbus yet its been awhile since anybodys posted.I know the new walgreens in north columbus on veterans parkway is going to be opening up it looks like its going to be finished soon.
  7. So its going to be a new hotel thats great news do you know how many stories its going to be i hope its going to be a 7 or 8 story hotel or i hope it will be as tall as the hoilday inn express over there in that area.
  8. great news i hope that take up them feather looking bushes that go around the outer edge of the cemetery by victory drive when your coming around the sharp corner where the softball field is.I hope they take up them feather looking bushes and put some crape myrtle trees there it would make it look more appealing and interested and nice.
  9. mitchella81 i would not say that just yet the btw apartments have been there some 70 years and the columbus housing authority are wanting to demolish them because there very old and gosh know i hope it does not happen in another 10 to 15 years my best guest that if everything goes as if planned we may see process in about 2 to 3 years. cross your fingers.
  10. im so glad this is happening.This is great news the columbus housing authority is looking at the possibility of redeveloping the booker t . washington apartment complex that sit across from the columbus civic center the booker t . washington apartments are 70 years old and the redeveloping will be similar to those that they did at the peabody apartments it will be a mixed use development project.Im so glad this is happening i have been waiting years for them to tear down them old apartments because they make south columbus look old and bad about time they need to come down.I just can imagine right now what south columbus will look like once they knock down them old outdated apartments and start building the new this new redevelopment of the booket t washington apartments are going to make south columbus and this area look, outstanding, pretty, nice and new.And also we dont have to worry about being ashamed of our city when celebrities come to the columbus civic center to perform and they have to ride by them old outdated apartments.So now when celebrities ride by to go perform at the columbus civic center they will be riding by something new and pretty. Great news im so glad this is going to be happening im so happy i can not say it enough.
  11. Someday once they widen the four lane jr.allen parkway to a six lane parkway in the future because they have it in the long columbus transportation projects.But once they widen jr.allen parkway to a six lane parkway it would be nice if they could build some highrise office buildings or highrise condos off of jr.allen parkway.Just picture riding down the six lane parkway in the future and seeing highrise office buildings lined up on the parkway just like the parkways and office buildings seemer in atlanta.I just wish the new benning technology park there going to be building near I185 would have been tall enough to see it while driving down interstate I185.I dont know what it is but something is keeping columbus from building up.
  12. Columbus does seem small for a city its size.Columbus should have a descent looking downtown skyline for a city its size but it doesn't.Columbus is still living in the old days and i doubt downtown will ever have a descent skyline because of the height restrictions they have on downtown.Another thing that makes columbus feel so small is we dont have full interstate access either.And another thing is when they build hotels or anything in this area its always small just like the hotels they always build they always have to be 3 to 4 story hotels they never put no real good height into them like 6 or 7 storys thats why columbus also feels small and looks dule.
  13. Speaking of the new publix and the zaxbys coming to cross country plaza in columbus.I was wondering how come columbus does not have a kroger yet.
  14. i was riding in north columbus today on veterans parkway and noticed that they are building a walgreens in north columbus.
  15. The columbus city council will be moving out of the government center and will be moving to the new city service center once its built the new city service center is still being design right now and will be a two story building.The new city service center will be built off macon road where the old columbus square mall was.There also is going to be a parking garage built on the site with the new city service center.
  16. May I ask where the streetscape project on veterans parkway is happening at. I ride up veterans parkway everyday but I dont see know street scape project happening.It could be that Im not riding all the way down veterans parkway because I turn up by the quality inn hotel and go across the white bridge into phenix city.So maybe I need to go further on down veterans parkway to see the new streetscape project.
  17. I have a question for anyone who can answer it ok its about the veterans parkway overlay district does anyone know if it has been approved yet by the columbus city council because I was on there website on www.columbusga.org columbus consolidated government and it said that the veterans parkway overlay district was approved by the columbus city council.
  18. I want to see a road improvement done on a section of jr allen parkway in columbus because when your getting onto jr allen parkway from 280 in phenix city and when your crossing the chatoochie river going into columbus once you cross the chatoochie river and go into columbus on jr allen parkway its a two lane on boths sides of jr allen parkway when you cross the river into columbus on jr allen parkway I think they need to widden that section of jr allen parkway in columbus where its a two lane on boths sides of the highway so they need to widden that section of jr allen parkway in columbus where its two lanes on boths sides into a three lane on boths sides of jr allen parkway like add an extra lane on the north bound lane of jr allen parkway and add an extra lane to the south bound lane of jr allen parkway to help traffic flow better in that area of jr allen parkway because when im traveling and when I cross the chattoochie river going into columbus on jr allen parkway them two lanes on each side on jr alleen parkway in columbus seems to hold traffic up and makes traffic slow down also in this area is where that bad car accident happen when a mom and her daughter got killed in a car wreck on that two lane on jr allen parkway.
  19. Does anyone no what there doing to the I185 interstate that goes threw the columbus metro area at the end going toward fort benning I heard rumors that this is where there adding on to the interstate to make it bigger so are they going to make it a three lane all the way down to fort benning I hope they make it a three lane all the way down to fort benning oh and another thing I see that they have allready put up some barrier wall poles on some parts of the I185 interstate are they going to put barrier walls up where they already have the barrier poles in place I hope they do put up the barrier walls because that would look nice. oh and one more question are they going to put up the message boards like they have in atlanta on the I185 interstate in columbus I hope they put up the message boards because they would look great on that interstate going threw columbus they need to also put up some message boards on the jr allen parkway highway.
  20. Thats great I always road by there and I always wanted to no what it was going to be thanks for telling me.
  21. Does anyone no whats being built right across from the cb and t bank behind hollywood connection the sign they got up says phillips construction.
  22. Lets all hard our breath lol they should tear down the old ymca building and put a 7 story hotel in the same spot where the old ymca building is. Heres an example of a 7 story hotel that would look great where the old ymca building is.
  23. Does anyone no what there building behind the carmike cinemas headquarters in downtown columbus. I am hearing rumors that it is going to be the new ymca.
  24. Well never mind I will not be moving to dothan this summer I will not be moving to dothan I will just live and stay in the phenix city columbus area.I love it in the phenix city and columbus area so I will just live and stay here in the phenix city and columbus area.
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