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  1. Urban_Legend

    Top of the Rock Photos

    Amazing photos! Thanks for posting! I can only dream of being on the roof of a tower that tall.... I really must go to New York!
  2. Urban_Legend

    Should South Florida become its own state?

    Yeah, NW Florida is most different from the other areas of the state. Even geographically, there's hills and such up there.
  3. Urban_Legend

    Should South Florida become its own state?

    I think it's just easier to say "South" instead of "South-east." And I agree with poonther, that when Flagler started 'colonizing' the southern part of the state, it was mostly on the east coast, not the west coast. So we got named South Florida first.
  4. Urban_Legend

    Should South Florida become its own state?

    Tallahassee was the center of the state when it was built; there was nothing but swamps down south. ^There's rednecks and hillbillies everywhere. It just depends on where you look. Jacksonville has plenty of cosmopolitan people and West Palm Beach has plenty of rednecks. Just go to the South Florida Fair for proof lol.
  5. Urban_Legend

    Should South Florida become its own state?

    I've lived on both sides of the so-called "border." Jacksonville and West Palm Beach. I don't dislike either of those places, they both have their own redeeming qualities. I don't care what northerners think about those in the south and vice versa. Honestly, some of the back-and-forth in this thread makes it seem like civil war is imminent lol. And I don't think our capital should be moved to Orlando. Washington D.C. isn't exactly central to our country, is it? And Tallahassee has alot of great history, whereas Orlando doesn't have much to talk about "pre-Mouse." No offense Orlando, I love your city.
  6. Urban_Legend

    Should South Florida become its own state?

    I think that while it sounds like an interesting idea, it could have serious consequences. I like things the way they are, though I do agree that south Florida is quite a different region.
  7. Urban_Legend

    Jacksonville Transit

    A related article.... Is time right for regional transportation authority? http://www.jaxdailyrecord.com/showstory.php?Story_id=44451
  8. Urban_Legend

    Jacksonville Off-Topic

    I love spoof articles. Here's a link to a funny blog site with all kinds of Jacksonville-based fake news: http://www.sonzaki.blogspot.com/ They haven't updated in a while, I hope it's still active....
  9. Urban_Legend

    Jacksonville Transit

    MrJoshua, I don't think I've had the chance to welcome you to UrbanPlanet yet. While Jacksonville isn't as dense as other cities with successful mass transit, I believe that it will be one day. I think it would be a good idea to have some commuter rail in place to help with the traffic growth.
  10. Urban_Legend

    Jacksonville Transit

    ^I agree, but what do we do? Does anyone know who there is to contact about our ideas. I mean, surely they had to have given some thought to the existing rail lines that run through the city, but maybe they didn't??
  11. Urban_Legend

    Jacksonville Transit

    http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stor..._20549561.shtml By DAVID BAUERLEIN, The Times-Union An interesting exerpt:
  12. Urban_Legend

    ***Picture of the Day***

    My most recent favorite pic of the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, FL.
  13. Urban_Legend

    Jacksonville Transit

    How could this solution not have been thought of by JTA? I'm sure they've considered it, right? It would be alot cheaper and just as effective. I think that Jax's train tracks are more vital than South Florida's. Tri-Rail is quite successful, and its tracks run parallel to I-95, with many stations out in the middle of nowhere. Now think of where the tracks are in Jacksonville, and how convenient they would be!
  14. Urban_Legend

    THE Orlando Photo Thread

    Awesome pics of Lynx and the skyline!
  15. Urban_Legend

    ***Picture of the Day***

    Dylan, I like that pic of UNCG. I love their music building!