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  1. Flew in today and saw the jetways have been added to the new concourse. Also, the baggage claim area is still a mess, but there's one section (A and B side) that has a snazzy new ceiling and new restrooms.
  2. Here's some photos of my church on 16th & Holly, The Church at Lockeland Springs. The top of the historic tower fell off, as wells as portions of the roof. Also, you can see one of the huge trees got uprooted (not sure if the other large tree is salvageable). I haven't heard if there's any interior damage or not. The church members are ok, and working on relief efforts for the neighborhood, as well as our own rebuilding efforts. I live in the Pennington Bend area of Donelson, and we didn't even lose power. Just had really bad hail.
  3. Here's a link to the Belmont press release (no paywall blockage!) as well: https://news.belmont.edu/belmont-announces-plans-to-merge-with-watkins-college-of-art-effective-fall-2020/ As the O'More (Fashion, Interior Design, Architecture) and Watkins (Art) colleges grow, Belmont will probably need to build new facilities. Currently, O'More occupies 2 floors of a 1970s classroom building and the Art department is in a (1990s?) 2-story building. Both on the older, west side of campus.
  4. Belmont Announces Indoor Practice Facility https://www.belmontbruins.com/general/2019-20/releases/20200121phdkqi Another project announced for the south part of campus on Compton Avenue! This will share a lobby with the new parking garage/tennis facility.
  5. Belmont Performing Arts Center update: The International Market building has been demolished. Only 3 homes remain. Side note: I wonder if there are any plans to bury the utility poles on this stretch of Belmont Blvd. They don't appear in any of the architectural renderings I've seen, but I don't think that necessarily means they'll be removed. They certainly don't help the sight lines, as you can see in this photo.
  6. I love the transformation that's taken place in this area!
  7. The new Bernard Avenue extension is open (sidewalk brick pavers still being added). It runs North-South to Compton Avenue. At the end of this street will be the entrance to the new Parking/Tennis garage.
  8. I recently moved here from Florida (I used to post on the Miami/Orlando/Jacksonville boards WAYYY back in the day). Thanks for the welcome...Nashville is great!
  9. Hello everyone, first time posting here in the Nashville boards...I'm a grad student at Belmont and saw this today: https://news.belmont.edu/belmont-announces-plans-for-new-parking-garage-tennis-courts/ This new garage will be located in between Compton and Delmar, just south of the new Performing Arts Center. It looks like it'll be connected to the Curb garage with the new road they're constructing in between Bernard and Compton.
  10. Amazing photos! Thanks for posting! I can only dream of being on the roof of a tower that tall.... I really must go to New York!
  11. Yeah, NW Florida is most different from the other areas of the state. Even geographically, there's hills and such up there.
  12. I think it's just easier to say "South" instead of "South-east." And I agree with poonther, that when Flagler started 'colonizing' the southern part of the state, it was mostly on the east coast, not the west coast. So we got named South Florida first.
  13. Tallahassee was the center of the state when it was built; there was nothing but swamps down south. ^There's rednecks and hillbillies everywhere. It just depends on where you look. Jacksonville has plenty of cosmopolitan people and West Palm Beach has plenty of rednecks. Just go to the South Florida Fair for proof lol.
  14. I've lived on both sides of the so-called "border." Jacksonville and West Palm Beach. I don't dislike either of those places, they both have their own redeeming qualities. I don't care what northerners think about those in the south and vice versa. Honestly, some of the back-and-forth in this thread makes it seem like civil war is imminent lol. And I don't think our capital should be moved to Orlando. Washington D.C. isn't exactly central to our country, is it? And Tallahassee has alot of great history, whereas Orlando doesn't have much to talk about "pre-Mouse." No offense Orlando, I love your city.
  15. I think that while it sounds like an interesting idea, it could have serious consequences. I like things the way they are, though I do agree that south Florida is quite a different region.
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