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  1. Thank you, @markhollin for the incredible interior and exterior shots of Belmont's new Performing Arts Center! I stopped by campus today and snagged a few pics of the newly-renovated Curb Cafe (now just a Chick-Fil-A with tons of seating), along with the new pedestrian promenade/staircase that replaces the connectivity lost when Bernard Ave closed. I'm also especially thankful for the new wide sidewalks and lighting along Belmont Blvd. Also, you might spot the new and improved International Market, located in the former Blvd Nashville spot.
  2. Another peek inside Belmont's new Performing Arts Center:
  3. Check out this new video of Belmont's Performing Arts Center: You can also view floor plans here: https://spark.adobe.com/page/mqiH7RsLpYoLT/
  4. Update on the Pennington Centre development in Donelson. The landscape buffer on the Pennington Bend side of the property is being planted and a new path has been paved. I assume this will be used by pedestrians and cyclists, which is a good thing, as this stretch of road has no sidewalks and is pretty hostile to non-auto traffic.
  5. A quick peek inside the new athletics practice facility at Belmont University: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNS5n6wp641/?igshid=v6kygqzjc93y
  6. Homegrown Taproom & Kitchen in Donelson recently announced a new expansion. From their Instagram post: We are expanding into the vacant space beside us to build you a Beer Pavilion! The additional 1,200 square feet of space will include garage doors on the front and back and sky lights in the ceiling to bring as much of the outside in as possible. In our current space, we are expanding the dining room and bar to nearly double our seating capacity.
  7. Belmont University posted a cool video on social media of the new tennis courts on the roof of the new Compton garage. You can also catch a glimpse of the new Performing Arts Center in the video. https://fb.watch/4kX-hoNhop/
  8. ESa released some snazzy new model pics of Belmont's new Performing Arts Center. Check them out here: https://twitter.com/ESa_Architects/status/1336424902107295744?s=20
  9. My church, The Church at Lockeland Springs (corner of 16th & Holly), just planted The Community Grove on the empty grass lot next to the historic fire station. According to the Facebook post: "It will not only replace some of the trees lost in the tornado, but will serve as a space for our neighbors to rest, to reflect, to pray, and to relax for generations." Can't wait to see these trees in the Spring!
  10. Centennial Park on Sunday, October 25th. You can see the new LED lighting fixtures installed for the Parthenon, new sidewalks, the Women's Suffrage monument, and of course, the new Vanderbilt tower in the distance.
  11. Belmont's School of Music Facebook page just posted this picture of the new performing arts center. You can see the series of steps connecting the upper portion of Bernard (near the Curb Garage entrance) with Belmont Blvd. Super cool!
  12. The old central security area has been cleared out, ready for construction!
  13. A new historical plaque was just installed in Lock 2 Park. I love old stuff like this! Now if we could just restore and repurpose the old lock keeper's house...
  14. I didn't realize that the Greenwood development included townhomes. I really like how this project is shaping up! Seems to have less surface parking than the Eastland Kroger. I heard that Starbucks is planning more drive-thru locations moving forward...any word on whether or not this location will have one?
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