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  1. Rosewood Crawfish Festival this weekend: http://www.rosewoodcrawfishfestival.com/ Headlining bands are Tonic and Marcy Playground.
  2. Ronak

    The mayor's office

    There was a Benjamin bus parked outside of the Gates at WB yesterday when I got home from work that was shuttling students to the polls. Coupled with the about him doing this in other areas, I'd be willing to bet that he ended up getting a very solid chunk of the youth vote, which actually makes me really happy.
  3. EDIT: Moved this reply to the appropriate location. Thanks, Krazeeboi.
  4. Ronak

    The mayor's office

    I went last night. He really stressed the importance of Innovista, and creating a long term plan for establishing Assembly Street as a link between Main St. and the Vista. It made me really happy when he mentioned that 'downtown' now includes the Bull Street Neighborhoods and the Vista. Here's the full text if you missed it: http://www.thestate.com/breaking/story/1132681.html?RSS=breaking
  5. Edit: I replied to a really old post by accident! Great shots, Spartan.
  6. There's a Tako-Sushi in greenville...found the menu online. I think it may actually be pretty good.
  7. It's that time of year again... World Beer Festival, January 16 2010
  8. You know you're becoming a big city when you have hot dog vendors! Well, not quite. But still an article that made me happy: http://www.thestate.com/local/story/1061250.html?RSS=local
  9. Ronak

    Five Points

    Adriana's is closing: http://www.thestate.com/breaking/story/990...ml?RSS=breaking
  10. Ronak


    So I'm still on the USC Engineering Mailing list, and I got this interesting email today:
  11. Ronak


    Oh, sorry, I wasn't saying the equipment is related to the TIF. I was just pointing out that's what they have funding for, since I just saw the article today. I'm as curious as you are as to if the equipment means progress on Horizon II or Discovery II.
  12. Ronak


    Indeed they don't. They apparently will, however, have the money to improve the infrastructure in the area: http://www.free-times.com/index.php?cat=19...011310092294580
  13. I want to buy that pop-up book.
  14. It looks like Columbia could be seeing WiMax in the very near future - ETV's old analog bandwith has been leased to two companies. http://www.thestate.com/breaking/story/948...ml?RSS=breaking
  15. Pastides gave a "State of the University" Address yesterday afternoon. Here's the direct link to the speech: http://www.sc.edu/specialevents/stateoftheuniversity/ And here's the summary of what he talked about: http://www.sc.edu/news/newsarticle.php?nid=454
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