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  1. Exciting to see this go up. Now if they'd start the apartment tower....
  2. I feel like they can take down this banner:
  3. Wow. It does look quite a bit taller with the new crown. And the signing is already going up?
  4. Still want to see a 20 story tower in the small Ellis lot on the corner.
  5. Hell, what about 25? That's sort of my benchmark for our next tower. We need variation and more height. I love this project so much. I cant wait to see what it does to the street traffic when it's open. Nothing better than seeing people out and about.
  6. Any troubles with the new ownership? We were told we would have access to the venue the night before so we were going to do rehearsal there and now the new owners are nixing that idea.
  7. Oh, the way you wrote it made me think it wasnt a nice venue, and I was like, crap, I'm getting married there in four months.
  8. Wait. Clearwater place isnt a nice place you think?
  9. From the roof of a nearby hotel. 8 stories up. Shows the scale as it peaks out.
  10. I'm surprised they dont add housing above (if that's possible) aimed at medical mile employees. Maybe I think too far outside the box. I just want to see more people interacting with the north side of downtown outside normal business hours as well as height.
  11. Any chance this building will have decent height?
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