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  1. All the buildings on the south side are all so close in height that from here, the project kinda blends in. Which is good, and kinda bad, in my opinion. I'd love more variation that I hope phase two brings. From street level, it's amazing, especially Ionia.
  2. I believe so, yeah. It just... feels so radically different. I actually had to look back to the east to see exactly where I was (oh, were at Peppinos)
  3. I walked along Ionia this weekend to go to the Market, and walking near Peppinos, it feels so foreign. I loved it.
  4. I wasn't aware of that. I knew one the astronauts was from here, didn't connect the name.
  5. One of the coolest things I learned about this is they turned the runway into the parkway (the name escapes me. Chafee?) Also, if you look at a Google maps of the area south of 32nd, you can see next to some industrial plants, some of the original runway still exists. Kinda neat.
  6. Signage on the hotel is going up. Its very ugly.
  7. I will say this. I was at the game yesterday and I forgot how the two bowls share a concourse. And that's absolutely terrible design. I don't know if a new arena will ever happen, but if they want to extend the life of the VAA and keep it modern, that's something they should address. Somehow.
  8. It very well could have behind this site and one of those fires was just nearby or something. It was just perfectly lined up and I saw the firetruck with the bucket way up spraying. No idea
  9. It's a very 90s arena, and the lifespan can be extended of they pour money into it. It's not a major sports venue (like NHL or NBA) and it's much nicer than many venues in the AHL. It has a lot of potential to make the jump to a modern arena if they thought it was worth it. Many arenas from that era are adding hotels and facilities to their arenas. Buffalo added Harbor Center to Key Bank Center. TD Garden in Boston is adding a tower and atrium to it. Toronto did the same to Scotiabank Centre. Again, these are major pro facilities, so I wouldn't expect this at the Van. But they could do something on a smaller scale if they wanted to modernize the arena.
  10. Yesterday, from my work, I believe i saw thick smoke coming from this site and what appeared to be firetrucks spraying water on it. But I never heard a peep in the media about it. Am I wrong about what I saw? Did I see something normal and think the worst?
  11. This would really extend the vibrancy of North Monroe. Maybe light rail down Monroe that can transport people from here to the BOB with stops in between to connect everything? I can dream, right?
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