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  1. On 9/1/2020 at 8:52 AM, BLUESCRUBS said:

    The Samaritas Project is really starting to look sharp!! Does anybody happen to know who is behind the renovations on Burton and Eastern? Signs up for a BBQ restaurant, Community Center, Barber shop and a mini mart.  Hopefully will give some new energy to that intersection. 

    I live walking distance to this.. I also saw a coffee shop going in?

  2. 1 hour ago, terra firma said:

    yeah downtown. it’s called Stella’s.   owner has several bar concepts,  i’m just a landlord not a bar owner.  his place w me is max’s south seas hideaway which is a tiki restaraunt— it is awesome

    Ohhh, I thought you meant like a games room kinda place. Yeah, Stella's has arcades, but I wouldn't say its a true barcade. So I'd love to see one. And, like I mentioned before, yardgames.

  3. 1 hour ago, terra firma said:

    that's a super cool idea.   one of my tenants (Max's south seas hideaway) also has a video arcade bar downtown GR, he's the right guy for the job, I will ask him 

    What bar is that?? The downtown one?

    People live drinking games and yard games. You get a bar with beerpong, beer-die, beersbee, laddergolf, bags, ect. Youre going to do well. Have it outside for the summer if possible, inside for winter with lots of windows and astroturf... make people think they're outside. I think you'll do well.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Floyd_Z said:


    I think Wheeler is looking to extend their year long deal with the city for the wedge development.  I really hope it doesn't get cancelled, we need some height!

    Exactly. I also read recently the Grand Rapids area is desperate for housing. I think they still need these apartments and condos to be built. And 24 stories is nothing to sniff at in this town.

  5. 17 hours ago, Floyd_Z said:

    So there is a mssive sanitary line running underneath this property (109" I think?)  I heard the city is looking to possibly move it under/near Market.  I would assume this would be for a development on the property...... 

    Under the Fulton property for this tower, or under the lot at Fulton and market?

  6. 2 hours ago, grandrollerz said:

    "As our services and patient population continue to grow, so must our downtown parking capacity. Parking for our patients, visitors and team members continues to be a priority at the Spectrum Health Medical Center. An effective parking strategy contributes to a positive overall patient experience and higher job satisfaction from our team members. To that end, a four-level expansion to Parking Ramp 6 on Barclay Avenue NE  near the Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital emergency department will begin this week. Beginning July 9, Barclay Avenue NE will be closed between Crescent Street NE and Lyon Street NE to allow for the use of a tower crane, which will last until July 17.  The Butterworth Hospital emergency department entrance will remain open and available as traffic will be able to turn onto Barclay Avenue NE from Michigan Street NE. "

    Four levels and a roof.


    Kinda wish they would have added usable space above, but whatever. That is a big upgrade to the ramp 

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