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  1. Had to get this shot quick because a falcon was swooping me. Those things are mean! Anyways, big red crawler along Monroe. Are they going to move it to the main site, or is phase 3 a go? And its under the radar?
  2. Well, shoot. We were knights that say knee or something.
  3. I really wish they had put apartments above this to add density to the north side of DT. And give employees and students a really great possibility of living where they study and work.
  4. We used to go often for Wednesday night trivia! If you went for that, we became great friends with the old host, who his firing from that company was BEYOND shady. It's a cool little place, but I was sad to see the employees let go. Even if they did go rogue, it seemed for the better.
  5. I used to frequent Elk often. They fired all their staff out of the blue. No one knows why. The staff turned out to be the reason we went, as we had developed solid relationships with them. Great staff. Once they were all let go, we haven't been back.
  6. https://trib.al/wqd4Py9 Plan has been shelved. Total bummer. I had heard this was going to be 30+ stories.
  7. Charleys Crab got spray painted last night, but I'm shocked no one tried to burn it down.
  8. It'll happen. When? No idea. I would add balconies to that project so it looks less sterile. Don't get me wrong. I love it, but balconies on residential areas just add a lot to me
  9. When i walked by later, after the rain, the asphalt "cap" on a hole had fallen through, and the hole was about 8 inches in diameter. My source told me earlier there was a truck that looked like an oil drill there working on that area. He said he definitely thought it was core samples. Neither of us are experts, obviously, and I wish he had gotten a picture. But the workers changed the subject when he asked if they were building there.
  10. Couldn't find anyone drilling, but found this. Is this anything? I'll ask my source to make sure I'm in the right spot.
  11. They are doing drilling in the large Fulton/Market lot next door. Looks like sample drilling. I'll get a picture soon. Is something afoot and they kept it hidden?
  12. Think big, man. 14 stories! No, the will apparently states 40+ Which will look weird in the corner of downtown, but still.
  13. I cant say much, but what I do know it pretty public. I know the DeVos family owns the lot, and they also own the CC land. I wonder if they will add this to that plan. The plan for the lot is HUGE but there's no time table for it to begin. I hope they keep the plots separate and the Charlies Crab plot is developed into something sooner. And something substantial. I think a mixed use building there, 20 stories, with apartments.. maybe I'm dreaming, but that would add a lot to a pretty desolate area and hopefully springboard more development.
  14. Agreed. Right now, I'm worried about the tower(s) at Studio Park as well as the one across from the arena.
  15. I know the DeVos family wants to put something massive on the lot portion. I've got some details, but nothing concrete. I'd love to see that parcel become a residential tower to help create walkability in that stretch. I also want the Ellis lot across the street to be developed.
  16. https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/grand-rapids-landmark-charleys-crab-closed-for-good/ So, what happens now? I can't imagine that land being unused for long.
  17. Today? Ya know, right around that time I saw someone on a bike at the corner taking pictures....
  18. If they just stuck with 25 stories.... even 20!
  19. Looks like the crawler crane is gone as of this morning? New Ottawa extension was closed yesterday and the crane was in the street. Extension still closed, but the crane was nowhere to be seen.
  20. Don't read the Facebook comments unless you want to smack your forehead in exasperation
  21. Walked by today. They are back to work on this. Good to see!
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