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  1. i am excited about the height, the density, and frankly, i think this will be a massive project for the area. but the renderings makes it look pretty ugly, IMO.
  2. oh, what the hell? i have almost the exact same michigan tattoo, only my home county, lapeer county, is outlined in its respective location.
  3. the amount of seniors graduating certainly didnt help, nor did a 100% change of the offensive system. the wolverines went from a straight ahead running game / dropback passing game to the spread offense. takes a few years for that to take shape. should be better this season. even if lloyd stayed, the team would have had a huge down year. and i know i appeared touchy. but i can assure you i never was upset or angry behind the computer screen. its all good fun.
  4. well, michigan is the winningest program in college football. its one of the top 3 richest programs in history. everyone knew it would take a while for richrod to turn things around, but when the product hit the field, no one wanted to admitt it. of course, michigan fans are looking for a better season, and i dont think its a stretch to think they may be in a bowl this year. i keep hearing whispers that they could contend for the big 10 title in 2010. but thats IF this years recruiting class is as good as they say it is.
  5. michigan has one down year, and the state fans come out of the woodwork proclaiming them to be the next big ten powerhouse. i suppose its poor of me to shoot down their disillusions, but sorry, staties. its downhill from here. you still have basketball though! as for the building, i do agree, a nice big ole S would do wonders.
  6. i always go to that speedway. always.
  7. yeah that statue looks terrible. i laughed when i saw it.
  8. the tower crane should be going up soon right?
  9. im anxious to see the tower crane go up.
  10. super dooper late, but, that will never work. it seems that the outdoor game is already over saturated as is. most NHL teams already have wonderful arenas, and then those would go to waste.
  11. i work by this and 38, so its neat to drive by and see the activity. but from street level, nothing is really happening still. haha. im looking forward to seeing this rise.
  12. any chance ill see an update on this this week? i gotta guess they have done alot in the 10 days.
  13. maybe vancouvers olympic village. theres like 18 cranes in one area there.
  14. bump! gotta go with the sharks. i felt that way before the season.
  15. wow, they completely redid that building. im having trouble believing that building and the delta plex are the same building.
  16. well, seeing you bumped it, and i read the whole thread, maybe you can tell me in the first few photos which building was "stadium arena"? i keep thinking its the white egg looking building, but it certainly doesnt appear to be that at all when looking at it today.
  17. on what building was the old weather ball on? and dont tell me the name of it, cause i dont know the names of the buildings in this city yet.
  18. what is that on the upper right? its like a huge space.
  19. when does the main crane go up? i assume not for a while, as they are not even done excavating yet.
  20. just for the record, my posts are generally short and to the point, so dont assume im being standoff-ish or stubborn or insulting. just so we know. haha.
  21. i havnt stopped, but everytime i look in, i see no changes.. doesnt mean i havnt missed something, just means i myself havnt seen anything. so, veloise, i assume this IS underway?
  22. wasnt ground breaking for this a month ago? i drive by this every day from work and not a thing has happened. is this project on hold now?
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