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  1. The small lot where the skywalk enters the old brick building on the east side of Market, I feel, would be the perfect lot for a 12 to 14 story building. And the Ellis lot to the south by the Woods is certainly in dire need of development. Woah, calm down. Its game changing, not universe changing! It's going to be 19 12 story buildings. All prefab concrete like the castle. You're gonna love it!
  2. The only thing I can say is that if the project comes to fruition as I've been told it is planned, look out! But it could be announced tomorrow. It could be announced in 20 years. It's been in the oven for a long time, I'm told.
  3. Market and Fulton is owned by Amway. And that's going to be developed. It's just a matter of when. And yes, I know something. It's just the devil is in the details.
  4. They'd be smart to not use the whole site and save some land for future development if need be. Build up on half, maybe a ramp on the other with air rights. Just build up. That's all.
  5. Thos goes before the planning commission tomorrow right? For the city to OK the plan and pave the way to sell the lot?
  6. I hesitate making this, because I hope not to create a negative tone. But this new tower proposal got me thinking about the last decade and all the new growth and proposals, many of which never happened. So I wanted to see what everyone thought. So here are mine, in no particular order. Switch pyramid. Maybe I was playing too much Sim City, but I had these visions that all these new jobs would come in and Gaines township would grow to a suburban heaven, with tons and tons of spin off projects like apartment complexes and subdivisions and retail strip malls. And that growth would spill into the core of the metro and really help push the metro forward. Instead, its had minimal impact, and the bang for the buck is basically a sparkler. Grandville Castle. I was already negative on it because I felt it was so obnoxious, but I hoped that if they did it, they would do it right. They didn't. It looks unfinished and very disappointing. Arena Place. If I made a list that was also biggest positive surprises, this would be on it as well. As major catalist for the boom in that area, this was originally proposed to be modest infill, and overnight, we got an 11 story mixed use building. Sadly, it wasn't done very well, and the materials leave us wanting more. Venue Tower. Kind of the same as above. We heard about Bobville forever and people thought that this project would never happen. But it did! But downsized from it's original 20 story plan, it's now one of many 10-12 story buildings that dot the city, instead of a 20 story building in a city that you can count buildings of that height on one hand. Residence Inn. Again, because of downsizing. This project is many people's favorite in the city. Its beautiful and it adds so much to that area. But I diet of 29 stories really leaves you wanting more. And with a new proposal pretty much next door, it will soon potentially be dwarfed and overlooked. If this project was around 25 stories, it would be absolutely a crown jewel of a building. What are yours? Mods, delete if you think you need to.
  7. I read the plan has to have a positive angle of attack so it deflects air downward
  8. Yeah, I get the feeling reading the article that this is much further down the line than we possible could know. The fact this could be under construction by this winter shows this is a very real possibility
  9. Yes please! This would add so much to the skyline and really add to the excitement this area of downtown is building. And I love the look. Its modern, sleek, different
  10. First pane of glass is on the south face. Looks like theyll be working on that today.
  11. I watch these YouTube's by a pilot who recreates crashes using flight simulator. What I learned from that is almost all crashes are from human error. I cant tell you how many times a plane crashed and it's because the pilot won't listen to the advice of the FO or whatever. Or failed to do the checklist and had flaps down when they shouldn't. So that actually made me more confident. Still. The idea of being 7 miles up and not a damn thing you can do if something goes wrong is horrifying. You're aware of your coming death. But when I fly, I almost always look out the window (fiance always takes it and I lean over her) and have the screen on flight details. So yeah that does help.
  12. I've flown out of GR once. I'll fly out again in March. On AA. The thing is, I'm horrified of flying. How do you people do it so casually?
  13. So, if I recall correctly, I saw a post about this building on the r/grandrapids some time back with the claim that it was used as a human trafficking spot. Not trying to lend any validation to any conspiracies, but the poster claimed he was walking past it and saw/heard someone banging on the window and then suddenly disappear behind a black curtain.
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