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  1. I'm talking about the stand alone highrise that's going to be built adjacent to the one under construction. Add it all into one big tower. Clearly I'm dreaming
  2. Grand Rapids facebook page posted this picture from the 60s today
  3. I know. So throw the apartments on top of the Arcisure building after that!
  4. Maybe I'm being selfish, but why didnt they just alter the plans to include both Acrisure buildings in one?
  5. South side glass is being removed. Slowly, the process is bearing fruit
  6. Ok, here we go! Bank site on Bridge gets a proposed mixed use building. This will 8 stories tall with a small parking deck! Convention center hotel gets the go ahead, with AHC taking over managing duties. New Spectrum HQ gets moving forward Large Market site proposal dies Lot next to arena on Ionia gets a proposal. Heres a wildcard: the two lots (and vacant Davenport building) along Louis across from Rosa Parks and the GRAM get a massive proposal for a development (think new development in Kalamazoo. Residential on top of parking with ground floor retail) https://www.kalamazooexchange.com/construction/building-renderings/ Amphitheater goes nowhere Campau Ramp gets media exposure, but nothing happens this year.
  7. Yo, can we get this bad boy up and going again? With the year ending and a new one coming, I have some ideas of what I think might happen next year.
  8. Well, that's fair. I just want some variation. Also, I heard this thing is coming down within a year. Perhaps a certain lurker/poster who was with me when we heard this today can at least verify I'm not making this up? But in seriousness, just what I've heard. It's all second hand knowledge, so please. Huge grain of Salt
  9. I believe so. It's small, ugly, and I believed being repaired now. But that seems like a band aid at this point. Wouldnt be shocked to see that replaced in the not to distant future. And for Campau, I wouldnt expect anything super tall, but maybe 20 stories? If anything moves on this at all.
  10. It's too good a spot to sit on. I'd put it up for sale and let developers bid and propose.
  11. Heard street level retail along Monroe. I asked someone who worked for the city, and they said they have no knowledge of anything before they left, just that the city was aware of the garage was obsolete and at the end of its life cycle. But that was it.
  12. I believe the plan isnt some rinky dink building. But again, just what I heard. Of anyone else has info, spill it!
  13. I had just heard that the Campau Ramp was found to be structurally unsound and will be coming down, replaced by a mixed use building with a parking base (like the new office attached to the Hyatt) Has anyone heard anything more concrete outside of this?
  14. Off topic slightly. But just north of us-12 and M-52, theres a cloverleaf interchange for an unbuilt expressway. Can anyone tell me more about that?
  15. I think the neon makes me think art deco. I love neon on buildings like that. Makes em pop and makes the streetscape more lively. When I was in Southbeach last year, it was just a dream to walk around.
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