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  1. I'm guessing this will demolish the lannings (I think it is) old restaurant? I like that building. Kinda a throwback feel to it, but I cant pinpoint the era
  2. Agreed, but if people try to claim its historic value, you could try that.
  3. Couldn't you "preserve" the facade while adding height within the core? Like create a base that uses the existing headquarters facade while a taller building rises out of it? Kinda like the McKay tower?
  4. Look at a map and you'll also find the west side south of Lake Michigan Drive under developed as well.
  5. Not recently! I feel like the metro area is a triangle. The south side keeps expanding while the north stays about the same.
  6. All this new development should breed more development down Byron Center south of 6, you think? More housing complexes and such.
  7. New project on the west side broke ground today on Seward. I was literally going to predict a new project for this parcel in the 2020 predictions thread. When is that thread going up? https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/developer-breaks-ground-on-west-side-grand-rapids-affordable-housing-project
  8. Man, do I wish this thing was a few stories taller to stick out among the cluster of buildings near the same height.
  9. I wondered this too, but part of the plan is to make these leagues more geographically condensed and there is no AA league nearby. So, either the Caps stay in the Midwest League, or jump to AAA and be maybe a Chicago team affiliate.
  10. This is going to be one of my 2020 predictions. The old bank site becomes a mixed use project. Or at least proposed.
  11. Arena Place. Was supposed to be like 5 stories before new plans were suddenly released to make it 11. You gotta wonder why they didn't plan for future expansion by building up. Under utilized floors for a few years beats crammed floors in a few years. Feels like another swing and a miss.
  12. I apologize for the quality, but looks like they are adding the floor.
  13. Ahhh that's cool. I always liked seeing pictures of how things used to be. I actually like that clock. While I doubt it will be back, I hope it is in some capacity. Edit: It's still there? Guess it is staying
  14. Exciting to see this go up. Now if they'd start the apartment tower....
  15. Wow. It does look quite a bit taller with the new crown. And the signing is already going up?
  16. Still want to see a 20 story tower in the small Ellis lot on the corner.
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